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Don't Lose Faith in Me!

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:00am

1. I want to acknowledge--I dunno', to the world?--that I am waaaaaay behind lately. Having a hard time keeping up on correspondence in a major way and I owe everyone and their mother an email (or three).

2. Now that that's out of the way, I can't really answer why. Yes, the kids keep me busy during the day, it's true, and also true, I have been out three to four nights a week (at various classes, workshops, and other things--though none of them involve copious amounts of wine which is a shame, truly). I am just...tired? Sick of hearing my own thoughts so it's hard to type them out maybe?

3. That sounds more depressing than it is. I am just realizing most moments when I finally plop down for a minute that I am just in need of some white noise.

4. Also been trying to get to the gym 4-5 days a week which leaves little time for plopping.

5. Have had this realization over and over in the past couple months (warning, it is not profound, though I have been feeling it profoundly): Two is the age when you really start to feel it all slipping right by you. I didn't really have this realization with Georgia so much because when she turned two, we were already deep into newborn-ville (and for this, I have to admit, I do have some regrets...Rainer was so needy and colicky early on that I feel like Georgia's second year was all but a blur, but that almost proves my realization). I feel like I can't breathe the kids in enough lately. Though I try. I try and try to just let their very smallness enter my pores and so as to leave an indelible mark on my brain. Their smell, their softness, their quick and plentiful affections. Watching them sleep. Savoring it when they greet me at the back door like puppies all limbs and smiles. It seems so unfair that they have to grow up. Like a million tiny deaths with each moment. A tad dramatic and certainly melancholic, but I feel pre-nostalgic for them while I have them. It's the curse of motherhood I think, to both want your child to move on to the next step while coveting the moment you are in.

6. Some fun things:

The other day we went out for slices of pizza. When we walked out to our car Rainer kept saying, "Stop. Game. Stop Game." Wouldn't you know there was a GameStop store in the strip mall?

The kids went to a birthday party this weekend and their goodie bags included horns that were shaped like little clowns with point fabric hats on them which the kids began calling "candles." Wouldn't you know, when you really looked at them, they DID look like candels.

They also got those sort of tubes with caps at each end that make a moo-in kind of sound when you turn them over. Rainer dropped his in the car and kept asking for it by it's onematopeic name. Something like "Where's www-ahhh?"

Last week Rainer stopped talking in the third person. Instead of saying "Where's Rainer's coat," for instance, he will say "Where's my coat?" It feels huge (and I can feel that time slipping away).

My favorite "oopsie" phrase of his is "That's amazey!" meaning "That's amazing!"

He also calls Jack-In-the-Boxes "Jump-in-the-box."



And when he wants to know who someone is or what something is called he asks, "What's that name?"

I might be a little caught up in the language, but it's my first experience with a typical talker. I love it and relish it and eat it up. I find language acquisition infinitely interesting.

That is not to say I don't love Georgia's speech acquisition--trust me, I DO! It's just slower and I don't have as many things to write about at once when I am blogging. But she IS talking so much more. And it's definitely because of seeing how she learns to talk vs. her brother that I find it just so danged interesting.

She has just so many words now. Far more than I can count and she is getting more every day. She is FAR more willing to mimic (that really means mimic, not picnic! haha) and copy our words now which helps tremendously.

Her main difficulty at this point is that while she can say words perfectly (or close to perfectly) when we ask her to and/or in isolation, when she is trying to use them more spontaneously she basically gets mush mouth. Or she changes the way she says a word. It's like her brain is working faster than her mouth. Hard to explain. She has very few phrases, and none that I can say she uses over and over. It's more like she will say a phrase one day spontaneously and she doesn't neccesarily "practice" it. Like, my friend said her daughter will always say "Be right back" when she has to leave the room for a moment. Georgia doesn't use phrases like that, however, almost as if surprising even herself she will bust out with phrases from time to time. Like the other day when Alex had to get out of the van for a minute and Georgia said, "Where Daddy go?"

Not sure if that makes any sense.

She's also reading a ton. She knows so many of the words up to about kit 6 in Love & Learning and Rainer and she breeze through those books faster and faster. It's interesting to watch them sound the words out. Or, for instance, it's clear that she is using a lot of memorization (which is what early sight reading is) because she will say "plate" when it says "plant" and similar things like that.

However, I didn't even mean to turn this into a speech post, but just trying to write quickly because I am starving.

The truth comes out.


Sorry, guys. I will try better.

7. Other things I REALLY want to find the time (and energy) to write about:

Georgia's first dance class (it was last week)

School placement

And, oh, I am sure I have a list of other things, too.

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