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"Does this hurt?"

Posted Jun 25 2008 5:09pm
I went to the chiropractor today. I filled out a book full of paperwork. I swear, don't these places realize that people who come to them have trouble sitting in one place too long related to their pain? Thank God, I wasn't doing too bad at that time. The staff was extremely nice. So who could complain? Some of the questions these papers asked made me laugh out loud. I really wish I could have brought it home because it was quite amusing.

Any how, probably the biggest question most people will ask is, "Do you feel any better?" Well let's get that answer out of the way...

"NO!... I actually feel a little worse."

But I hear these things take time. And since I am not getting much better with what I have already been doing, then I am going to give it a shot.

I had an exam by the chiropractor who kept digging his fingers in my back asking, "Does this hurt?" or "Does anything hurt here?" A couple of times I had to say, "I can't really tell because you poking me hurts pretty bad." He kept going back to my hips and digging saying, "but your not having any pain here?" "No, just from your digging." After my exam, I had a series of xrays. The last one really has me laughing to this moment. The xray was aimed at my thoracic region (or chest) and the radiologist (She really was a radiologist in a doctor's office...hmmmm... Can you say 'expensive?') told me to hold my lower jaw open as far as I could. Now, really! Did she have me do it just to see if I would, or does that really make a difference on my chest xray? Who knows? The joke could've been on me, because I did it!

Next, I was sent to lay flat on this table and they applied an electric stimulation thing to my lower to mid back with some extremely cold transducer pads. And then added ice bags on top of that. I had to be on that for 15 minutes. The room I was in had about 5 of these beds in it, and there were two other people there getting therapies as well. There was one lady who was getting the same thing I was, and then a man who was getting a massage. I would have loved to have had a video tape of him getting this massage because the poor guy was so ticklish that he was laughing out loud during his massage. And the poor guy couldn't catch a break because the massage therapist kept saying, "Usually it tickles because your muscles are so tight." I wanted to yell out, "That's code for 'if your ticklish you better hold it in or I am not gonna stop!'"

After my 15 minutes were up, my back felt great... that was until I had to get up off that dang table! I couldn't even bend down to pick up my purse. Then I had to go into another room and get back into the same face down position I was in in the last room. This particular table exercised your lower back by putting your legs down to the floor and then back up. It didn't hurt. Yet, it didn't feel like it was helping either.

That was it. My treatment for today was complete. Now I have to go back everyday this week until Friday. I think tomorrow they are doing...

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