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Does MENSA Need a New Member?

Posted Oct 19 2009 10:00pm
I am finding it harder and harder to get anytime at all on the computer lately. Preston has become a computer junkie and a computer whiz, but we will get to that in a second. If it weren't for being able to get on Facebook and Twitter via my iPhone, I'd have no updates at all. I just wish Blogger would come up with an app that would be easy enough to post to this blog via iPhone. So, if your looking for more frequent updates, you'll have to add me on Facebook or Twitter.

This Saturday is our local walk to benefit Down syndrome. And like a true procrastinator, I just completed Gabi's poster that will be displayed at the walk:

click image to enlarge

When the walk is over, I will display it on Gabi's closet door. She loves to look at pictures. So this should keep her entertained for quite a while. Check out our fundraising page if you are interested in donating to our local Down syndrome association.

Now back to the computer whiz... Today, Preston wanted to go on YouTube to watch Lazytown videos, only he changed his mind as soon as I got onto the site. He decided he wanted to watch, "Preston." Naturally, I thought maybe he was talking about the videos of him and Gabi in the pool this summer. So, I logged into my YouTube account and discovered that a certain 2 yr old has not only been creating videos on YouTube, but publishing them as well under my account. No one has showed him how to do this. He just figured it out on his own. There were like 10 different videos on there that Preston did. So, of course, I posted some here for you to see just what he does.

Preston shows off his dance moves while Gabi
waves a Wii-mote cover in front of the camera.

So who has the number to MENSA?
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