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Curious Georgia & Stuff

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

Let's face it, the similarities between this little monkey and our little monkey are uncanny.

I take back any and every thing I may have alluded to about how well eating is going. For going on 24 hours now Georgia has been spitting out virtually everything we have given her after only a couple bites. Even yogurt. Even oatmeal. The only thing I can be assured she'll take is her bottle. I am hoping this will be a short-lived phase.

She has also started to open the kitchen cabinets. This may be the beginning of a whole new level of babyproofing, although she's not allowed just yet to even BE in the kitchen unattended.

Getting motivated to do anything seems to be getting harder for me. I am just WORN out. I haven't actually even gained a ton of weight with this pregnancy yet, but maybe it's the shifting of weight that has got me uncomfortable and stiff and feeling absolutely exhausted. Or. You know, maybe it's the fact that I barely sleep a full night without a lot of waking to pee and tossing and turning.

Also, not for nothing, I was getting antsy yesterday because I had vowed to myself a couple months ago that this would be the summer that we went swimming a lot. Swimming is by far one of my favorite activities, but we never seem to go. It feels a whole lot harder now having the baby to tend to. Alex and I can't just find a beach and dive in. We have to babysit. Not, mind you, that it has been super easy to find a place to swim at all. We have a couple places in mind for beach swimming...but sheesh...when I was a kid you could swim for free. These days you have to pay to swim be it by pool or by lake or by pond. I think I was spoiled as a kid. We grew up just up from The Sound and we could walk down there just about any day for a dip. Then--tra la!--my dad had a pool put in when I was about 10. I was always in that thing.

I really want Georgia to have summer experiences and to me, summer means water. But I don't know if it's going to happen any time soon. We certainly don't have room for a pool in our yard and while we have a couple beaches and quarries in mind, they are most definitely not within walking distance. We'll go, I'm sure, but when? When? When?!

I think water though, a little water exercise, could be just what I need.

And some uninterrupted sleep.

Anyhow. We have guests this weekend which I am looking forward to--my dad and stepmom. And a couple days after that Georgia & I head out for our New England "tour". I am still quite dreading the trip. I have been looking up family and/or handicapped restrooms on our route to little avail. Last time Georgia and I took a trip I couldn't use the facilities once. I will NOT be able to do that again. Of course, I have decided to leave at night (in the hopes that she will sleep most the way and so we can hopefully avoid traffic). If she's asleep you can bet I will hold it lest I have to wake her.


Blah blah blah.

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