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Crap. Not Again.

Posted Feb 08 2013 10:06pm
Maybe I should just start school to become a nurse so I can do stitches at home!
(crappy cell phone pic)
We were getting ready to run errands and Max slammed his finger in the door (dang OCD in him just will not tolerate a door being left open!). It was bleeding and I could see the tip flapping and that the nail was cut, but I couldn't see how deep it was. He was already in his coat and ready to head out the door, so I just ran the finger under water for a second, dabbed it with a paper towel, threw on a couple of 'Candy Land' Band Aids, and off we went. I did NOT want to spend all day at the ER, so we hit the Instacare first, hoping it didn't need stitches. And it didn't :) They cleaned it up and put on new band-aids  and home we came for lunch and a nap. Poor kid won't use his hand if it has a band-aid on it. He's already fallen off the couch this evening, and came very near smacking his face on the kitchen table trying to climb down off a chair! Looks like we'll be meeting our out of pocket deductible earlier than usual this year ;)
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