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Countdown Time

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:04pm
I have 4 days! 4 days until my baby turns 2! Where in the heck did the last 2 years go?

And I have lots to do to get ready for his big birthday party on Saturday afternoon. We have been doing some remodeling since the 4th of July. I did not post anything and still will not say what we are working on(it's a secret). We want to surprise everyone that comes out to Jonathon's birthday party. And no, its not an addition with new bedrooms(I can still wish on that one).

Yesterday we had 3 graduation parties to go too. Has anyone ever hauled a toddler around to 3 parties all in the same day? I do have to say I am very proud of Jonathon. He did extremely well for leaving here at 12:45p.m. and not getting home until 7:50p.m. last night. The worst part of the whole day was travel time. We had to travel 35 minutes one way for the first party in Croswell for my nephew Kody. We went early to his party because we couldn't stay all day. Jonathon slept through most of our visit there which was a good thing. We did not get any food at the first party.

We packed back up in the van at 4p.m. to go to the second party which was an hour drive back toward our house and actually 15 minutes past our house. Arrived at the second party at 5:04p.m. By now Andrew and Kenny were starving, and me too. Dinner was supposed to be at 5p.m. Nope we did not get dinner until after 6p.m. Which I felt bad, because we literally ate and left.

Back in the van, head toward home. Run in and use restroom, load Jonathon back in the wagon and walk across the street to our neighbors. Yes our last party was our neighbors grandson graduating and it was right across the road.(thank goodness) But we did not get there until after 7p.m. So Kenny and Jonathon had cake. We sat and talked with a few of our neighbors and then Jonathon had enough. By 7:30p.m.(which is bedtime)he asked me for BLANKIE. So I took Jonathon and Kenny home while Gilbert and Andrew stayed and visited.

So to all those "PEOPLE" that always complain how I raise Jonathon(and you know who you are) I tried to keep him out for awhile to see what he would do seems how we were close to home AND he still wanted to go to bed at 7:30p.m. SOOOOO NAH NAH NAH NAH! Keep your comments to yourself from now on. I think I know what I am doing!

Gilbert and Andrew came home around 10p.m. They helped the neighbor pick up some things and got paid in food! (food is good) They came home with chicken and rolls. YUMMY! So Gilbert, Andrew and Kenny all had a chicken, roll snack last night. We all agreed that the best party was our last party at our neighbors!!!!!

Glad that day is done!
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