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Cold or sick

Posted Jan 05 2013 7:30pm
Jonathon woke up this morning sounding hoarse.  By mid day he wanted to sit down and watch a movie.  He never stops all day long so I knew he was under the weather.

After watching 2 Tom and Jerry Movies he perked up a little bit and played with his hot wheels track some.

Dinner he did not finish.

After dinner before bed snack...he did not want.

He helped me pick up his toys, get his pajamas on and get a drink, go potty, brush teeth.  He climbed into bed, hugged his kitty and went off to sleep.

No bedtime story either.

I'm getting concerned.  He has had 2 sinus infections in the last 2 months.  One early November and one end of December.  I know that his tubes were finally falling out.  When he was diagnosed in Dec with a sinus infection he had wax build up so the pediatrician could not see in there.  He prescribed ear drops for him.

I think it's time to call Dr. Ears (ENT) and see what's up.

He also has been giving me signs of other things.  Noises are bothering him again.

He does not like the vacumn again
He does not like some power tool noises
He does not like his shower.  this is a big heads up.  Took me a couple weeks to put it together.  He has been swimming for over 2 years with Miss Maggie(swim instructor) and he loves the water, he jumps off the deep end and goes under.  He will NOT let me rinse his hair anymore.  He literally freaks out and starts flailing all over throwing his hands in the air.  I have to tip his head back. It's gotta be....those tubes are gone!

I am hoping he does not come down with a full blown sickness and miss school. School starts back up on Monday.

I will definitely be calling Dr. Ears on Monday.

Rest well little one!!!!
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