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Code Word: Costner

Posted Jul 23 2010 12:00am
I leave for Ukraine in four days. I'm working on being more excited than scared...but scared has a slight lead.

A few months before Heidi left for Peace Corps, we were having one of our typical, yet crazy, Mother-Daughter conversations. She was trying to explain to me that despite the fact that "I" liked Kevin Costner as an actor, "she" did not. In fact, "she" did not like Kevin Costner as much as "I" did not like drinking tea (despite the fact that "she" loved tea.)The conversation became very funny, but the point was made: even though we are mother and daughter, she is not me and I am not her. It's okay to like and dislike different things. Whenever I try to encourage her to like something I like, she simply says "tea!" and I instantly get it and back off.

Heidi has been living in Ukraine for about ten months now and she has become used to many things that at first seemed strange or different. The other day, on the phone, she encouraged me to let her know when I'm uncomfortable during my visit as something strange to me just might escape her notice at this point. I told her that we should have a code word so that I can discreetly let her know. We both agreed: Costner!

Here's to hoping that I'll have just enough Costner moments to keep it interesting, but no more than that...
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