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Clothe Yourselves With...

Posted Jul 05 2010 4:24am
W ell, anything! Just please clothe yourselves! We spent the afternoon going to Hillsong for church and then the shops for food, clothing, etc...

The day was hot and apparently most of the women out today are thinking they are pretty hot too. So hot, they can't even bear to be covered in clothing. I had to lead my husband around by the arm today as he wouldn't look up if he didn't need to. He has a covenant with his eyes so when we're out and the women are not dressed as they were today, he reads his pocket sized New Testament. I actually am quite honoured that he does this even though when out together it is a bit of a challenge lol. (Ok, it really isn't a challenge & no one would notice but it doesn't sound as interesting if I say that)

I think the most tragic case to my mind was a 30 something mum with two little children, I don't even think they were 4 years old. How very sad for those children that their Mum is bringing such disgrace to them and their daddy. Something surely I would ever do.

Worse yet, during church we sat behind a group of teens. Well, sitting behind the teens isn't what made this a 'worse yet', it was the way they were acting. I'm fairly certain that God made the teenage years so that we parents wouldn't be overly attached to our children when they are old enough to move house and get married. I know I see everyday how my love for Little Poppet just grows and grows. If parents didn't have something happen to change that the human race would simply end. No one would let their children get married and move away! Hence... teens.

Then, after Little Poppet was in bed I was reading some things online and noticed a few grammatical errors in something I read. By the end of what I was reading I just couldn't imagine how anyone could even understand it with all those punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Well, I thought, I need to get the Scripture that I was wanting for my post about all the half naked people running around at the shops today so I could post a witty post about their lewdness and of course, I'd add the teens to it, since well, besides how silly they were acting they also dress funny to my mind.

So, I have BibleGateway bookmarked at the top of my browser and off I went to fetch the perfect Scripture for my post about how people SHOULD dress...

Colossians 3v12
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with





and                         patience.

Oh. Compassion eh? How's that? Oh. So, maybe the Mum dressing for all to see, probably never planned to become like that. I doubt as a young child she would have deliberately chosen that. There could so much more to her story than the page I saw today.

Kindness. Um. I suppose it IS unkind to lump all teens into one group and just write them off as people a parent wouldn't miss. But everyone talks about their teenagers like that don't they? Oh wait, they weren't my teenagers were they? And really what harm were they causing? Just talking about things that matter when you are that age and don't know what to do with all the hormones your body has sprung on you seemingly without warning. And well, suddenly there are people that are NOT your parents in your lives and that parental 'I love you even if you dress funny' doesn't automatically happen with other free thinking individuals.

Humility. *gulp* So um... pride, that isn't JUST the opposite of humility is it? I mean, people want you to be proud of them no? Ok so, I possibly wasn't being very humble as I went about my day judging the way people dressed, how they acted in church or their punctuation all whilst thinking how wonderful my husband is and how much better we Pharisees are. And well, no one is probably sitting here thinking how proud of them I am.

Gentleness and (what was that?) Patience. Well, I could be called gentle but patient? I don't think I was very patient with those around me today. I could blame it on the heat but not sure which heat I'd be referring to... the heat in London today or the heat from hell nipping at my heals! lol

As it happens, I'm quite possibly the worst of them all today! I need, even more than they, to clothe myself and cover my spiritual nakedness. I guess you could say this was one of those days that I was out most of the day and only when I arrived home and had a look in the mirror saw that I didn't look anywhere near as good as I thought I did when I left the house.
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