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Church Hunting

Posted Jul 25 2011 9:00pm
One of the hard parts about moving is finding a new church. We loved our church in Tennessee and miss it a lot! Finding one like it here is going to be pretty much impossible, still, there are a ton of churches here in Colorado Springs, so we are on the hunt to find the right one for us.

Last week we went to church with our new next door neighbors, who are great by the way! This church was a super mega church. Our church in Tennessee had about 2,000 members (and is quickly growing) - this church had about 10,000. Seriously. It was a little overwhelming! However, the music was amazing, the pastor was funny and the kids all loved their classes. I think Kameron was a little enamored with the foosball table ;), he also loved the fact that you can earn "bucks" for attendance, bringing your Bible, memorizing verses and other stuff and then you can spend these "bucks" at their store there for cool prizes. Kassidy loved the middle school environment and Kennedy talked about a song she sang called "God Loves Me." Keeghan talked over and over about his Bible story, but lamented about the fact that there was no snack there like at our church in TN! HA! Kellsey didn't say anything of course, but when I asked if she had fun she nodded yes REALLY hard! ;)

The only thing that threw me off at this church was that after I dropped the kids off, we were stopped and introduced to the special needs director there and told about their program at the 9:00 service (we were at the 11:00 service) and asked if our girls might be more "comfortable" in the special needs class. After talking to them for a few minutes I could tell they were worried that Kennedy and Kellsey might not "fit in" and be a disruption to their classrooms. I assured them that both girls are very well behaved and were the only kids with special needs in their classes at our old church and could hold their own just fine. I suggested they go meet the girls before trying to separate them and told them how important it was to me that they stay with their typical peers. I went on to say that the only accommodation that Kennedy would need is someone to walk her to the bathroom about half way through church and they were surprised to learn she was potty trained. *sigh* Anyway, I asked again that they just go meet the girls and see how they do and I would talk to the teachers after class and see how they felt.

Needless to say, when I went to pick Kellsey up (who I put in the 2/3 year old class because that's where she is developmentally) the teacher said she did great! She listened well, sat still during story time and colored a beautiful picture. No worries from her. Kennedy's teacher, in the 1st grade class, also said she did great, though she and another little girl did bump heads on accident. But she also participated, sang the songs, answered questions and she had no problems with her and would be glad to have Kennedy in her class. Imagine that. While I am glad they have a special needs program available for those who need it, I do hope that they realize that sometimes inclusion is a good thing! ;)

Yesterday we went to a different church we've heard about. This church was much smaller... (like maybe 300 people?) they said their attendance is down over the Summer. Their music is also great and they did a lot of the same songs that our church from TN does, so that was really nice. :) The people there were really welcoming and didn't bat an eye about the girls. We got them checked into their classes where Keeghan was thrilled to find that he would get a snack! ;) Kassidy said that she likes this church a little better. I think she had a lot of fun and even brought home an invitation for a girls youth group sleepover this weekend that she really wants to go to. Kameron is kind of undecided. He likes parts of both churches, he said. The little 3 seemed happy in both places, but the snack may have put this church over the top for Keeghan! HA! The head preacher at this church was on vacation, so we'd like to try it again sometime when he's back. The only drawback to this service for me is that it was really, really long, and when you go to an 11:00 service, it kind of shoots your whole day.

We have one more church on our list to try this coming Sunday and then I think we're going to try to pick from the 3 and stick with it for awhile. We could visit a new church every Sunday for 6 months and still not hit them all and I want to plant our roots and get plugged in somewhere. Gotta love church hunting! :)
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