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Chilly Damp

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:48pm

Georgia is a sleepy beetle today. It might be the chilly damp weather. It gave me some time to catch up on a few things. Although the writing I intended to do today was put on hold because the landlord is working on the attic (which he accesses through our apartment). Somehow Georgia can sleep through the saws, but I can't seem to write through them. My head is also bothering me though, so if it's not one thing it's the other.

We head to her 9 month doctor visit tomorrow. I am both nervous and excited for this. I am eager to meet our new doc and see how we like her, but Georgia is way behind on her shotties so I am not sure how happy SHE will be to meet her. I have a lot of questions for her, now that the bulk of the heart stuff is out of  the way. Hearing, vision, spinal x-rays, teeth. The list goes on. Georgia seems to have teeth coming in. They are hard and white, so that's what I am assuming they are. Of course, they are her lower cuspids/canines and wouldn't you know they look like if they are going to come out they are going to come out straight forward instead of up and down. I am going to ask the doctor what she thinks, but I hope I am just grossly misinformed about mouth anatomy. I am worried because it seems like Georgia's mouth is exceptionally small. I am worried her teeth will come in totally wacko and she will have trouble talking. Oh, but it hurts my head to even think of it. And there are books to return to the library so we are off.

Oh. I was playing around with the blog layout. At first it was all an accident, but then I started playing around and I think I like the new design. For now.

Ahhhh...she's awake.



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