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Checking off the Medical Appointments....

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:03pm
As the days go on, I am able to check off the medical appointments needed for both Bella and Grace. Today, with the help of our Jen, we headed off for Grace to have her blood drawn to check up on her thyroid. She has been complaining of being tired lately. She says "I not sick, I tired!" And her gym teacher said she is wanting to go off and lay down on the stage in the gym instead of playing with the other kids--that is so unlike her! I put the Emla cream on the crooks of both elbows with band aids covering them and off we went. She was so good at the lab. She asked the young man drawing her blood "What's your name?" He told her "Josh." She responded, "Oh, thank you, Josh." He said, "I think that is the first genuine thank you I have ever gotten here!" Soon, we will know if we should adjust her meds for her hypothyroidism. After the labs, Jen took Grace to the car while I took Bella to see an on-call Doctor.

First off, the nurse weighed and measured Bella. She has gained THREE pounds since coming home 2 1/2 months ago. At this rate, she will be gigantic in a year. LOL

Upon the Dr.'s exam and irrigating her wax-filled ears, she was diagnosed with a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Poor thing. No wonder she hasn't been her usual upbeat self!

So to date, Bella has has had a hearing eval, entered speech therapy, and is on her first round of antibiotics not to mention that nasty ear flushing episode! We still have to do a full blood work up on her, xrays of her spine and hips, and vision check. On November 19th she will be evaluated for her preschool which begins in January. Slowly but surely we will check these appointments off.

All in all, she is a strong, self-determined little girl. I am so proud to be her Mama!
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