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Challenger Baseball

Posted May 02 2009 11:28pm
Today was Sam's first Challenger Baseball game.  Challenger Baseball is a little league team for kids with special needs.  There are 6 teams (I believe) in our area with kids of all abilities ranging in age from 6 to 21 years old.  Sam's team is the Cubs this year.  It was about a 50 minute drive to the game but the host team was wonderful and provided Buddies for all the kids so the parents (for the most part) could sit back and enjoy the game... they also gave us hotdogs afterwards.  

We are new the this but the way it goes is each Challenger team member has a buddy (if needed) to help them in any way and to keep them safe on the field.  Each game is 2 innings with every player having an at bat each inning.  Everyone makes it to first base and everyone makes it home.  One base per hit, and although I don't think it was allowed Sam stole several bases.  The last person on each team to bat gets an automatic home run and clears all the bases. Most of the kids played regular positions on the field... Sam took the position of Grounds Keeper/Goodwill Ambassador.  He inspected every mud puddle, every muddy spot, stamped through every line, made sure that the diamond dust was of excellent quality... he rolled in the grass, sat in the grass and made sure that the field was in the proper condition.  And when he was done with our field he tried to inspect the next field over.  I guess you could say that Sam was sort of played the WHOLE field.  He batted the ball off a tee all by himself... we decided that it was best to just stay out of his way... he knew what had to be done and no one was going to take that bat away from him!  Sam was filthy by the time the game was done... he went straight into the shower.  I doubt that I will get the stains out of his pants but he had a wonderful time.  And to think that he was taking his first independent steps late last summer and now he is all over the field!  WTG Sam!

I am actually not sure where he was off to here... but obviously intent checking something out.
Running the bases in reverse... you can't say that he isn't thorough.
A dirty butt means you worked hard in the field.
Checking out the dirt over here...
and over here...
put me in coach... I'm ready to play center field!
safe on first base
there must have been 40 kids on the field... team members + buddies

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