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Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

First, I want to say that I decided to give up our blog Graham Crackers. It's just too much work trying to keep up 2 blogs. Plus, there are times when some things we do involve Gabi and the rest of the family and I had trouble deciding which blog to post them on. After I thought about it more, I realized the rest of the family is just as much part of Gabi's World as she is. She's not here by herself after all. I will leave that blog up for archive purposes, but I will not add any new posts to it.

With that said, Preston has become a Paci-holic. He is the only one of the 5 kids who has kept the pacifier this long. Of course, I wasn't there for Christopher and Anthony's experience, but Ryan assures me theirs was gone by this age. Jeremy gave it up on his own at around 3 months old, and Gabi gave it up sooner because it was just too much work for her heart to suck on a pacifier before her heart surgery. Now, Preston is waking every 2 hours in the middle of the night because he has lost his pacifier. Man, I feel like I have a newborn again. Jeremy and I were joking around the other day about his addiction. I said Preston needed to join P.A. (Paci-holics Anonymous). Jeremy then proceeded to speak for Preston saying, "Hi! I'm Baby One (Jeremy's nickname for Preston), and I'm addicted to pacifiers." I laughed and added, "It's been 5 minutes since my last pacifier." Jeremy claps. LOL

I love great deals, don't you? Gabi has outgrown her winter jacket that she has used the past 3 years so I knew this year I had to break down and buy a new one. My mom bought her last one through for $50. It was a great jacket, so I thought I'd be heading there soon to find a new one. But, while I was grocery shopping at Aldi's of all places, a pink jacket caught my eye. It was really cute, but I couldn't find a size. I tried it on Gabi and it was the perfect size. It was reversible, furry on one side and water-resistant on the other. It was nice and thick and constructed nicely. And the best part it was $15!! Can you believe that?

Here's a quiz: Gabi knows the answer. Where did the name of this post come from? One hint is a given, if Gabi knows it, then it is something she loves. The other hint is it's a song! I'll link back to the winner(if there is one) in the next post with the answer.

Speaking of winners, don't forget to come here every day starting the week of October 29th for more chances to enter myFall Y'all Bloggy Giveawayhosted by Shannon atRocks In My Dryer. I will have 5 giveaways! I already went shopping for them, but I can't tell you what they are, yet. You just have to check back then to find out.
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