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Cardiac Cath Lab/Sedated Echo Pre-Op

Posted Mar 17 2009 4:19am
Have I ever mentioned that I hate time change? For the entire week, my mind will still be on the old time.

Aiden had to be at Dr. Cardiologist's office at 8:45 this morning. Meaning I had to get up at 6:30 this morning. According to my brain, it was 5:30 and so not wanting to function. As I got out of the shower, Aiden was whining for his milkshake. About 10 minutes later, Aiden was ready to be up for the day and he decided that Chris should be up also. Chris had a different opinion though.

I got Aiden ready to go and with 10 minutes to go before walking out of the house, I informed Chris that he now had only 10 minutes to get up and leave. See, he should have listened to Aiden.... But he was ready, I just don't see the reason in pushing it that close.

On the way to the hospital, Aiden was signing "I Love You" but as soon as he saw the camera, he didn't want to sign anymore.

When we got to the doctor office, Chris took Aiden to look at the fish, but only one tank was lit up. And that tank only houses a sea horse, so Aiden wasn't too interested. He was more interested in jumping on the furniture. That and drinking my hot chocolate that Donna so graciously made for me while we were waiting.

Speaking of Donna, while we were waiting she received 2 phone calls from a mom wanting to know the results of her child's testing. This child has the same Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist as Aiden. And Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist was at the hospital making rounds. Donna told Mom that Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist or her nurse would call her back as soon as they could. Now, don't get me wrong. I know that waiting can be stressful, but dang, accept the answer given and don't call back less than 5 minutes later griping because you still don't have the results. Truth be known, the test probably wasn't done until late Friday afternoon and probably haven't been sent to the doctor as it is first thing Monday morning. If it were me, I would be happy that the doctor hasn't called because that means I don't have to take my child in. I don't like seeing when the caller ID shows that the cardiologist's office calls. And I'm probably never going to.

We went back and stripped Aiden down to his diaper for weigh in. Good news there, he's gained 15 oz this month. Then the nurse brought in the Cardiac Cath Lab DVD for us to watch. BTDT at least 10 times, so don't need to watch the video. Don't really care to know exactly what is going to happen during the procedure. Just bring him back the way I sent him to you. Besides, I get internal pictures afterwards, which is way much cooler.

The nurse practioner comes in and asks if we have any questions. Just one. Who is doing the cut-down? By all that is holy on God's Green Earth, it had better not be Dr. Pediatric General Surgeon Who Likes to Play with Hearts. I would rather do the cut-down myself before that man touches my child. I would hope that they remember the butt chewing they received last time they let him touch my child. If you're not sure what a cut-down is, that is where a surgeon has to come in and cut the artery in Aiden's neck so that the cath wire can reach his heart. Aiden doesn't get to do the standard cath through his groin as the veins and arteries are all scarred up from ECMO. Yipee-skipee!

We then went over to the Children's Hospital for pre-op admit. When you first get there, you have to stop at the Volunteer Desk to check in and get a visitor pass. I don't dare tell them why we're there other than for pre-admit. If I told them "cath lab" they would have sent us over to the main hospital, where they would have sent us back to Children's because they don't have the paperwork.

We also met up with Alyx and her mom while we were waiting. Alyx is having her tonsils out on Thursday. It's kind of funny watching the kids outside of school. It takes a while for them to realize "Hey, I know you!" Once Aiden recognized Alyx, he was trying to give her kisses.

We then went upstairs to wait for pre-op weigh in and more paperwork. Yadda yadda yadda and here is the same hospital information that we already have 10 copies of. I keep telling them to give it to the next person. I really doubt hospital policy has changed since we were last in. And of course the standard, "You'll be staying the night" because that is what the doctor ordered. Yep, they are expecting Aiden to have at least one episode of bradycardia. I didn't expect any less. We NEVER get to go home the same day as a cath. Just doesn't happen that way.

After that Aiden and I went to get our hair cut. I wanted to take the camera in, but that would pretty much be useless. Aiden requires 3 sets of hands to cut his hair. Mine holding his hands, Chris's holding Aiden's head and then the stylist attempting to cut his hair. But Aiden really needed a hair cut; he was looking kind of like a wooly mammoth.

Chris and Aiden then went shopping while I was getting my hair done. I can't say I blame them, who really wants to sit in a salon while my hair is getting cut, bleached and coloured? That takes a few hours. And there is no way Aiden is going to sit that long and be good without trying to destroy something or someone.

On the way home, we had to stop at the compounding pharmacy. I called in Aiden's Sotalol prescription at 7:30 this morning. One would think that the compounder would have made it, but nope. Had to wait for it. I almost told them I would pick it up on Wednesday, but I didn't. Maybe next time they will figure it out.

Aiden was scheduled to go in at 11:00 with a cath at 1:00. Ugh. That meant that he could not have anything other than the dreaded Pedialyte after 9:00. While my hair was getting done, the nurse for Dr. Secondary Pediatric Cardiologist called and said that they got Aiden in earlier. Now, he can't have anything but Pedialyte after 7:00. Yeah, like that's any better. The earlier the better. Aiden can go all night without food, but there is no way he is going to want to drink Pedialyte for breakfast.
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