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Can you diagnose me?

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:06am 1 Comment

ok, this is all about ME. I have had a myriad of severe symptoms since Labor Day weekend; nausea (which I thought was from my birthday celebrating :) ) abdominal pain, shooting pains under both ribs like a cramping pain at different times, abnormal distention in my stomach and then dull, throbbing pain in my lower back area. I knew since I have already had an endoscope and been diagnosed with GERD that maybe the symptoms were related to that. I actually went to the Dr. Monday, and she did a cursory examination, paid more attention to my blood pressure issues (which I am borderline) than the pain in my back which at this point is so severe I cannot sit for more than 30 min and have trouble walking.

Her diagnosis? sacroiliitis She prescribed Flexeril a muscle relaxer which I can only take at night and celebrex, an anti-inflamatory. Now I am no Dr. (I just play one on the internet) but I have no fever and the severe bloating pain has nothing to do with this diagnosis. To top it all off, I haven't been able to try the celebrex as my WONDERFUL Anthem insurance won't allow it until I try two more alternatives that are...cheaper. One being Advil! If Advil helped I would never have gone to the Dr.! So now I am playing phone tag with the Dr office trying to at least get the prescription filled to see if it helps, as the Flexeril certainly doesn't.

I also had to ASK for a urine test to rule out a kidney infection. The Dr. office called my home number today asking that I call them. Of course I got that after hours once we got home from work. I bet that they are calling to inform me I have something showing up in my urine/bloodwork....hmmmmmmm you think?

gotta go lie down..Sigh.

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Wow sounds familiar.. I tried the two alternatives for this since I have ankylosing spondylitis and wound up with headaches so bad I had to miss work for a while. -.- I'm taking the celebrex now but it's expensive and somewhat ineffective for the sacroillitis pains.. I'm not sure. This pain feels like it's almost in my buttocks and can go down my leg with sciatic pains or up my spine to about the middle causing me to miss sleep.. Blood test for HLAb27 or whatever I would think, that could point to ankylosing spondylitis.. not sure.
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