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Can someone enlighten me about orthotics?

Posted Jun 11 2010 12:00am

Seems like orthotics are the hot thing in toddlers with Ds. I'm torn. How do I know if Finn needs orthotics? Keep in mind that he does NOT have a physical therapist, nor am I interested in getting one at this point. However, is it only a PT who makes the recommendation for orthotics? I wish I would have asked about this at the Ds clinic a couple months back - it just didn't occur to me at that point. Do all kids with Ds need orthotics? Finn has always had pretty good muscle tone and apparently reasonably firm ligaments and joints - he's never been much more floppy or bendy than my typical babies were. I do think he's flat-footed, but aren't all babies and toddlers flat-footed until they get older? Finn has been pulling to stand for several months, and cruises very proficiently along walls and furniture, but I'm starting to wonder if orthotics is the one thing that's holding him back from actually walking. He has an appointment for his 2-year well baby check next month, so I suppose I could ask our pediatrician about it, but I'm not super confident that he's going to know much more than I do about this issue.

Would appreciate some input from you knowledgeable, experienced parents out there!
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