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Call For Help Answered...On To Follow-Up

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

Thanks for all your concern everyone. After thinking on it over night, I AM feeling strongly that Georgia needs speech therapy. Many of you have sent me some good advice and I also got a lot of great local advice by putting out the question on my area listserv (what a great resource, huh??).

Turns out I am going to have to raise a fuss which will be hard because it is SO not in my nature and after almost a year and a half of being handed everything we ever wanted, it will be difficult. Other parents have told me that with a little "pushing" they did indeed get speech. As one woman said (and I knew this, but it's hard to put it all in words):

it is much easier to teach them the correct way as they are developing versus trying to reverse the incorrect speech patterns

It was recommended that we seek speech therapy even if we have to see a private therapist (we were also referred to The Arc if our insurance won't cover it).  We were also referred to The Loyola Clinic Centers (partly run by "the" Libby Kumin ) where although there is a waiting list, a session is fairly cheap at $30. And you can be certain I will call to get on the list Monday morning.

I mean, we were going to get aquatherapy and treadmill therapy in VT and I haven't heard word one about any of that here yet (although, granted, we just started out). I have a lot of research
to do. And a lot of hell to raise if I am going to get what I think Georgia needs.

I just put out a request for info on the aqua/treadmill therapies. We'll see if I get any good feedback. I hope so!

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