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Cabin Fever

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:27pm

Sunday night it started to rain here. Only problem is that the temperatures outside were like 16*. Meaning that the rain was freezing.

Aiden got to skip PT on Monday since no one could get out of their driveway to get to our house. Chris managed to get my Jeep out of it's parking home to go to Wal-Mart for much needed necessities. Aiden didn't get to go as it was seriously too cold to take him out.

Tuesday, Aiden decided to throw up 2 hours before his speech therapist was scheduled. Speech therapy was cancelled that day.

Oh yeah, Chris was home both Monday and Tuesday. Aiden apparently does not like to nap when Chris is home. He refused to take his naps both days even though his eyes were red, the relentless yawning, and screaming/crying because he was so freaking tired.

Tuesday night, Aiden passed out on the floor next to the tree at 5:30pm and took a two hour nap.

He didn't want to go back to sleep until after 10pm.

Wednesday (with Chris back at work), Aiden fell asleep on the floor while playing. Normally, this would have been a great thing, but Karrie (EI PT) was coming over early to work on Aiden's walking ability. When Karrie gets here, Aiden is passed out on the floor still face down with arms and legs spread out.

Karrie thought Aiden was too cute to wake up, so we didn't wake him.

Chris came home early due to one of his doctors sticking a needle full of steroids into him. Aiden decided to wake up then. We then spent the rest of the evening playing with Aiden until it was time for Aiden to go to bed.

Aiden had other plans.

He refused to lay still in his bed. He kept getting out of it. How do I know Aiden is out of bed? The majority of his toys plays music. Those toys are not allowed in his bed. Those toys were going off a lot last night.

At 10pm I took Aiden to bed with me thinking that he was tired enough to finally lay still and go to sleep. NOPE! The GloWorm was brought into bed. He cuddled it, he kissed it. For an hour and 15 minutes.

This prompted me to get out of bed with Aiden. We sat down in the recliner and rocked. Aiden got so mad that he made himself throw up.

He kept chewing on everything. Finally the light bulb came on and I got him a dose of Tylenol and some Orajel. Within 5 minutes he was asleep.

Aiden finally is taking a nap in his bed today. We sat and rocked for 10 minutes. The child can and will fight sleep. He does not care. There are toys to play with. Even now in his sleep, I can hear music going off in his room.

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