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Button Cell Batteries in the News

Posted May 14 2012 12:00am
Whew! I don't know what spurred the national attention, but kids swallowing button cell batteries has been in the news ALL over the country today! Have you seen it?! Thanks to all my FB and blogger friends who have been sending me links, and texts, and messages about the stories. I'm GLAD that this issue is getting the attention it deserves. One of my friends said she had NO idea it was this common. I didn't either until Kellsey swallowed two of these batteries almost 2 months go.

Kellsey is doing ok now. She was one of the lucky ones. Since her hospitalization I have been reading stories about other children who have had to have part of their esophagus removed, they've had to have g-tubes put in and could eat no other way for many months until they healed. Honestly, I'm a little in awe of how well Kellsey HAS healed. From what the doctors think, those batteries were in her system much longer than some of the other kids who have been seriously injured, almost to the point of death. I often wonder how much her pain intolerance played a part in her healing... we'll never know for sure.

Right now, Kellsey continues to be on a soft food diet as her esophagus heals. Thankfully her favorite foods ARE soft foods so she's not having too much of a problem with this. She goes in regularly for check ups with her pediatrician and her GI doctor and will have to have more tests - MRI's and endoscopies - at some point to make sure her esophagus is healing well. There is always a risk for scar tissue forming where the abrasion was. If that happens, that tissue could potentially cut off her airway, so we have to be diligent in watching her breathing, looking for changes, especially since she can't TELL us if anything is wrong.

Once again, I must beg you all, if you have small children, check your house for these batteries! They are in more than you think... they're everywhere!! Please read this post for a list of things to check and what you can do... then check out all these news articles. Every 3 hours a child goes to the ER because they have ingested one of these batteries. Every 3 hours... that's WAY too much. Something has to be done.

Today Show - Swallowed Battery Hazards: ER Visits Double

Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital - Swallowing Button Batteries Can Be Serious

ABC News - More Kids in ER from Swallowing Batteries

Shine - More Batteries to Blame for Kids' ER Visits

MSNBC Nightly News - Hidden Hazard

Energizer to Raise Awareness of Button Batteries

And check out Emmett's Story . His story needs to be heard. On their blog they are sharing stories of other kids who have swallowed these batteries... some of them were lucky, like Kellsey, others... not so much. I can't stress enough how serious and life changing this can be.

Awareness is key. Like so many people, I had no idea about this danger or the havoc it could cause until it happened to us. Be aware. Be on the lookout and safeguard your home.
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