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Busy Weekend- Buddy Walk Weekend

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

I have had a busy day to begin my busy weekend. This is my 1st weekend off since I started working WoW ( W ork o n W eekends)-nights. Other than the normal household chores, I also made and decorated a cake for 2 of our kids' birthdays, prepared spaghetti in the crock pot, drove 1 hour away to pick up my husband's boys (Christopher and Anthony), went to pick up our Buddy Walk shirts, celebrated the 2 birthday boys birthdays, and made a Buddy Walk onsie for Preston.

I would've bought Preston a shirt, but the smallest they had was a children's small. Preston wears 12 month outfits so that was going to be WAY to big for him. This is the onsie that I added the Buddy Walk Logo to (Thanks Laura [Gracie's mom] for helping me get a high quality pic of the logo):

This is the cake I made for the boys. Note to self- Your are getting even too old for this since arthritis is setting in making it nearly impossible to squeeze the icing from the tube without having to pry your fingers off afterwards. Thanks to Ryan helping, we were able to get it finished.

Here are the birthday boys. Jeremy is going to 15 on Monday, October 1st, and Anthony is going to be 11 on Tuesday, October 2nd. They each got $50 to spend how they want. Jeremy is saving up for an X-Box 360, and Anthony is saving up for some large Lego sets.

I had to include my beautiful girl while there is a camera in the house. We borrowed my husband's business camera until we get ours fixed.

My husband snapped this one of me when I was kissing Preston today. Please don't mind the nappy hair. I was a busy girl today!

Tomorrow, we will be attending the Buddy Walk in the morning. Guest speaker is none other than Karen Gaffney! She is a 25 year old woman who recently swam Lake Tahoe. She also has swam The English Channel and the perimeter of Alcatraz. Ms. Gaffney is a high school graduate, has an AS degree, works as a teacher aide, and has Down syndrome.

After the Buddy Walk, we will be going to a bonfire for our Bible Fellowship class. Sunday morning we will go to church and then head over to Anthony's soccer game. Whew! I'm tired just typing about it! I may not be able to update until Sunday or Monday with all the busyness going on. See you all then!

Oh yeah! A couple more things!

First, Dori asked me if I had asked Gabi where the money came from (see previous post). I couldn't remember if I had even tried asking her. So, when she got home from school on Thursday, I asked her "Gabi, where did you get the money that was in your pocket?" She broke out in song "Penny in my pocket, nickel and dime..." I was telling my husband about it and he says I did ask her when I found it. He said her response was "my money!"

Also, when we went to pick up the Buddy Walk shirts, Gabi seen a boy there who also had Down syndrome. She looked at him then looked at me and said "Michael, he's my friend." Then she ran around with him playing and finally, they hugged each other. I thought maybe she just thought she new him. Later, I ran into the little boy again. I noticed him speaking in sign to another woman. I figured it was his mom and I asked her "What is his name?" She said "Michael." I said to her "So, Gabi does know him!" She asked if Gabi went to Mt. Tabor Elementary. I said "No, but she used to before we moved. That's where they know each other." Keep in mind this was about 1 1/2 years ago! Gabi remembered her friend and his name after 1 1/2 years! Wow!

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