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Bruiser, Sausage McMuffin, Pumpkin Pants, Rainer Roo, Grumpdoodle, Hefty, Rainer the Complainer, Doodlebug, Porkchop...

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:44pm

The list goes on, I am drawing a blank. But you get the idea.

He's a big guy. Sometimes I look down at his face and I say, "How did you get such a fat little face all of a sudden?" and I fall a little bit more in love. He's not chubby, his body is actually quite lean, but he's solid, and he's getting those extra baby chins which just make you want to push your face into his neck and inhale. But then again, he IS my kid so that's to be expected, right?
And look at that, he's actually calm, in the evening (other than the weekends, his poor dad only ever got to see him at his worst times (about 4-10pm-ish) after work), so it's nice that he's been calmer lately. And this is without Gripe Water!
Babies like this make having more seem possible. (Lord help me that I am saying that and I am not yet 6 weeks post-partum.)

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