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Breath Holding Spells....Scary!

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:44pm
Aubrey gave me the worst scare ever yesterday. She has been climbing everything and she occasionally will bump her head on things. Well, last night she bumped her head and I knew she was going to cry so I picked her up. I waited for that big scream, but it didn't come...she was holding her breath! This has happened before, so I just held her waiting for the scream, but it didn't come. I had been at least 10 seconds and nothing...then she began to turn purple and her eyes were red and rolling back in her head. I know that I held her for at least between 30 seconds and a minute...but it felt like longer! I was totally panicking! I turned her over and patted her back, I blew in her face, nothing was working. Finally she started to slowing pink up again...I think she took a tiny breath, but she was still not breathing. She then took another little breath and started breathing normally. She never did let out the big cry. She just stared off like she was totally out of it. It actually took her another couple of minutes then she wined a little but seemed then to be ok. I believe now, that she was a few seconds from passing out...thank God she didn't! I would have freaked and called 911!
After I got over the shock of it, I got on the Internet and found that this is called BHS or breath holding spells. It described exactly what had happened to her. It is a reflex, not something that children do on scary that must have been for her. I can still picture the terrified look she had on her face. I plan to bring this up at her 9 month appointment coming up, but there is nothing that can be done except checking for anemia, which can make the episodes more frequent. Like I said, this has happened before with her, but not to this extreme. She has made me panic before, but nothing like this. I just hope that it never happens again, but it sounds like it probably won't be the last time.
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