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Bowling with friends :)

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

After we were done eating, we all went bowling. This was the first time for MANY of the kids and they loved it! We let them have their own lane. Kassidy was over the height limit for bumpers, so she didn't do very well, but the other kids scored higher than some of the adults *ahem*. We all had a great time though until the end when almost all the toddlers started melting down. That was a sure sign it was time to go home! HA! It was a great way to end the year! :)

Here are the pics from bowling yesterday... love these kids!

Well, I knocked a few down...

Here I go...

OK, I'm gonna push the ball...


Is it my turn?

Here it goes!

Ben getting ready to roll...

Good job!

Keeghan's turn!

Go! Go! Go!

Kellsey's turn!

I did it!!

Let me do that again!

Eden & Bella hanging out watching all the fun

Ben & his daddy

I'm doing GREAT!

Kassidy & Kaylond hanging out.

This is SO much fun!


Take my picture TOO mommy!

A Silly Self Portait of Daddy & 2 of his girls!

Kellsey's first set of bunny ears... awwww! LOL

Silly boys!

Really mom? Another picture?!

I love daddy kisses!

Do you want some Icee???

I'm pretty sure I'm losing... oh well!

The grown ups score board... Angela wanted proof that she (and everyone else) beat Jamie lol... even if it was only by one point for some of us. *ahem*

The kids score board... look at all those Ks!!! hahaha I won't say who is who, but I will say that Kellsey won! :)

More about our New Year's Eve later...

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