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Blurry Eyed Boys

Posted Feb 02 2010 8:19am
Landyn's been weaned off his pills for a week and a half now. Since we've started reducing the dose he's become more tired...not sure if it's a result of that or a growth spurt. He easily sleeps 12 1/2 hours a night and is hard to wake up before that. (Takes after his mother) The best thing to get him to wake up fast and easy is to say "Good Morning!" He'll pop up 1/2 asleep, and yell it back to you in his mumbling morning talk:)
He is finally talking more otherwise. Yesterday I was told I was a 'naughty mommy' for the first time. I laughed. He's constantly asking for "Ipod please!" and "Dandy go upstairs to bedroom?"
He's almost too good at sharing. He'll bring toys down for Kolby and tries forcing him to play with them. Kolby usually takes one look and tosses them across the room. Unless it's a toy that Landyn really wants, then of course Kolby suddenly wants it too. Sibling rivalry already...
I moved Kolby into Landyn's room a few nights ago. Not sure if he's sleeping any better, but when he does wake up now he knows he has to stay in the crib. I wouldn't mind him sleeping with us for awhile longer because he missed out his whole first year (poor wittle baby boy), but--that's what has to happen with another on the way.
Other than's been cold. I hibernate as much as possible and am thankful that so far this winter the boys are healthy and we no longer have weekly doctor visits.
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