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Blood Draws

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:20pm
Seeing the words in the title of this post make me cringe . Kids with Down syndrome have really small veins ... and Payton's are even smaller than really small, if there is such a thing. In fact, when she was a year old, five different doctors in the ER couldn't get a vein on her for her IV ... not until they shined a light through her hand to see where her veins where. Why didn't they think of that after the first poke? I digress.

Moving on.

Last week I took Nika for her first draw for the slew of tests we need to have done. She did really good ... didn't cry at all ... until the tech couldn't find her vein and felt the need to go deeper ... and deeper ... and dig around a bit with the needle. Why ... someone please tell me why!

Today we were back in the lab to have blood drawn on both Payton and Nika. And each of them needed a lot of it drawn. Sigh. Nika went first ... no tears ... she did great!

Next ... Payton. Ugh. She screamed before she even sat down in the chair. That is why I wanted to have her blood drawn on a day that Kyle was with me, because I knew I couldn't restrain her myself. The child is so strong ... and she fights, big time. So Kyle sat down in the chair ... his job was to restrain her body. He tried, but there really is no restraining her. I had to restrain her arm while the tech drew the blood. Oh wait, there would be no immediate drawing of blood since the tech couldn't hit a vein! Ahhh ... Lord help me now.

First she tried Payton's right arm ... dug around a little ... nothing. Then she decided it would be a good idea to try her right hand. Really? Her hand? Woman, I wouldn't even hold my hand still long enough for you to draw blood from it, let alone my three year old! I ask about her left arm and the tech says no ... she feels nothing. So I give in to the hand.

Hahahaha ... yeah right. How do you hold a fighting, thrashing, crying three year old's little hand still enough to get like eight vials of blood? Right... probably get there. Did I just say that? So she pokes her in the hand for two seconds before she realizes it isn't going to work ... "because she won't stop moving". Really? Does it take a brain surgeon to figure out that she wasn't going to sit still?

I'm not bitter. Nope, not at all.

While I was trying to get Payton to calm down a little bit, two fill-in techs arrived at the lab. They offered to try to get a stick on Payton and we said okay, only because I knew I wouldn't have the chance to have Kyle with me again. These two techs got a vein ... but it eventually cut off and started just dripping ... "because she won't stop moving". Seriously people. So we only filled about half of the vials, but they think it might be enough for all the tests. Then why did we have to fill all those vials to begin with?

I'm not bitter. Nope, not at all.

Thank God that is over. Oh wait, Nika needs one more draw. Thank God she is the easy one.
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