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Blah Blah, Double Blah

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:48pm

1. It's hard to keep on track with WW when I am traveling, when I have visitors (typically I would eat a 1 point wrap with some kind of fake meat, tons of veggies and pickles for lunch--this grosses others out), and when I am around other people in general. Especially when traveling includes going to New Haven where I HAVE to eat at least SOME pizza because no matter what, as much as I love VT, they will never have anything that ever compares to New Haven pizza (I will admit I am a bit of a pizza snob).

2. That said, I somehow managed to lose 2.2lbs, but that is over two and a half weeks. Albethem weeks on vacation and with visitors. Blah!

3. Georgia loves to fly. Here she is on Lake Champlain the other day.
It's sooooooo funny!

4. Georgia likes sitting on her own at the diner. (Note: It's amazing how many places do not account for their under 1 clientele (i.e. no booster seats, high chairs, or changing tables in restrooms)--all things you  one day notice all of a sudden when you pop out a little runt like this cutie pie.
5. We might go on that boat in the background for our anniversary. On a Murder Mystery Cruise! Georgia thinks that's really funny because she knows what big ol' dorks her parents are. With the candlestick in the ballroom!
6. I like this picture. Georgia is really enjoying using her legs. She likes to pull up to a stand when she is in my lap. Although she HATES using her arms. As far as she is concerned they may as well be there for decoration. "Oh these things? I don't quite know what to do with them. The things on the end of them sure taste yummy though!"
7. Meanwhile, Alex hasn't been feeling well. It's VERY unlike him EVER to nap. But today he got to take a little catnap after our PT, Lini, left. G decided she was pooped too. By the way, I like our new PT. It's a different experience than with Mary Ann, but I think it's going well. Starting now we are going to meet weekly. And also weekly with our OT who we will meet for the first time next week at our 6 month (1.5 months late, dang surgery) re-evaluation to set goals. Some goals I would like to see in the next (ok, I will be realistic here) 3-4 months: sitting on her own (by 10.5-11.5 months, does that sound reasonable??), using her arms to push up, and some kind of wiggly attempt at mobility. Am I setting my goals too high?
8. In 29 days I will be 31.

9. It's hot.

10. We are about to go out to eat for Carribean, Indian, Mexican fusion. Yum.

11. It's hot.

12. I don't do well in hot.

13. We leave for P-Town tomtom. Yippy!

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