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Birth Certificates and Public School

Posted Aug 10 2009 3:30pm
Friday, Aiden and I went to the Vital Statistics office located in Tulsa. I got my number, filled out the request for a birth certificate (for the life of me, I can NOT locate Aiden's first birth certificate anywhere in Aiden's paperwork) and took a seat. And we waited. And waited. And waited. We waited for 2 stinking hours while the same 5 numbers were called. Someone said it was like a 4 hour wait. I decided I wasn't going to wait in line that long with a nearly 3 year old.

So, I came home and did some online research. I could drive 2 hours to OKC, order online for an additional $11, mail in the request (4 - 6 week wait) or express mail the request with express mail return postage paid envelope. I don't trust the postal system. Things get lost in the mail.

Fine, I will wait until Monday morning. I left the house before 7:30am to make it to the Department of Vital Statistics. I was there before 8am to insure a good place in line. The office doesn't open until 8:30am. I was number 10 in line. What should only be a 20 minute procedure (according the the Department of Vital Statistics in OKC) was an hour and half. Apparently, 20 minutes goes a lot quicker in OKC than in Tulsa. Of course my explanation: the longer they take, the more people leave, the less work they have to do.

Then I had to go to the LLH to get a copy of Aiden's immunization record. I just handed in a current copy for the 2009-10 school year. Dr. Pediatrician's office charges $150 to print off the same piece of paper.

Then I drove back home and went to our neighbourhood elementary school.

Now you may be wondering why I did all this....

Aiden is **insert banned word here** out of our Early Intervention program in 20 days. And Aiden must be enrolled in the local school system to continue to receive services.


While I love, love, love the Little Light House, Aiden must also learn academically. So, Aiden will attend both the Little Light House and our public school system.

Yes, I am scared. BEYOND BELIEF!!!!

I know Aiden is ready. But Mommy isn't.

I have a comfort zone in the Little Light House. But the services received there doesn't last forever. Mommy must slowly **insert banned word here** herself.

I think Aiden will be fine at the new school. I know he will be just as loved as they keep threatening to spoil him; despite my objections. They have no clue what they are in for once Aiden turns on his charm.

I walked in with the required paperwork. A copy of Aiden's birth certificate, Aiden's immunization record, the end-of-year student evaluation from LLH, all but proof of residency. Crap! The administrative assistant was quite impressed with everything I did bring and let me bring the enrollment forms home to fill out. I filled out the forms and returned them to the school in less than 20 minutes. Yes, we live that close to the school.

The IEP will be scheduled this week. It must be completed before Aiden's 3rd birthday or the school takes a hit.


I asked for a draft of the IEP before the actual meeting due to the fact that some of the people I asked to be there can not attend. If I have a draft, then I can get copies to the people needed to help with the IEP. Aiden's pediatrician, his teacher, his ST and the child psychologist. If not, then I will have to take the 10 days alloted by law to do all this. Unfortunately for the school to not take that hit and have the completed IEP, Aiden's IEP will have to be on or before August 18th. The only day I have open is the 17th.

Not a good way to start off at a new school.
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