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Bang Bang Banggity Bang Sha Bang

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

Georgia is literally cruising all over the living room! She cannot believe this new found freedom and it's looking like it's finally time to baby proof! Get those socket covers in and dig the gate out of the box, make sure we close the cellar door every time we go down to do laundry! It's pretty exciting.

She's is NOT graceful.She is getting better and more efficient but she plop plop plops her butt and it really makes a thud! As a result, I think it's making her much more tired at nap time. All that exercise! Yesterday she had a break down when I dressed her after her bath because she JUST. WANTED. TO. GO. TO. BED!

With all this moving around I have a feeling the word "No" is going to become a regular part of my repertoire. She seems to be getting the idea that it means "Knock it off, woman!" Although she DOES tend to give me this big toofy (as in, one big tooth shows) grin whenever I say it with any conviction. Like, "Aww, Mommy. You're mad! Does this bang bang banging annoy you? You're funny, Mama!" Bang bang bang.

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