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Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Good News, & Bad News!

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

Bad News:
I was recently told about a wonderful ministry called Angel Food Ministries that provides families an opportunity to purchase groceries for very cheap prices. There is no application process. Everyone is accepted. They even accept food stamps for those who have them (I wish we did.) It's great for families whose income is too much for government assistance and too little for making ends meet. Yesterday, was the day to order your food in our area. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. We went to the church participating in this in our city with money in hand only to find out that the pick up date is the same as our Buddy Walk! Uggh! I guess we'll try it again next month.

Good News:
On a positive note, I received yet another bloggy award! I got this one from Michelle over at In The Life Of a Child:
Michelle had this to say about her nominees:

Each of you have been an encouragement to me, have deeply impacted me with your kindness and thoughtful words, and you are truly loving souls. Display your awards with pride for they are sincerely earned!

Thanks Michelle! For those who have never been to her blog, you have got to check it out! Her daughter, Jacqui, is so amusing and beautiful, and Michelle has a wonderful writing technique. Today's post had me cracking up! And this one is another favorite post I have read over there.

Now, I nominate the following people whose kindness reflects in their comments, posts, and they way the live their everyday lives:

Tasha at Life is a Journey


Dori at The Ups & Downs of Our Life

Congratulations ladies!

Bad News:
Last year for my birthday, I convinced Ryan that I needed a Palm Treo because of my many OBGYN, perinatalogy, and cardiology appointments and Gabi's multiple doctor appointments. It wasn't cheap, but boy was it worth it! It was so much easier to keep track of all of those appointments. I also started using it for an alarm clock. By December, when Ryan broke and dislocated his ankle, it became even more useful to keep track of his appointments and physical therapies. I was literally lost without that phone. Within a couple of months of getting it, our dog greeted me at the door by jumping on me knocking the phone out of my hand. It hit the floor, the battery flew out and the phone landed perfectly right in the dog's water dish. I scooped it up so fast and dried it, but it looked to be a loss. After, I allowed it to dry out completely, I inserted the battery back in it, prayed, and turned it on! Whew! It was working! But I think the long term effects of it's water bath have caught up with us. Every time, I would talk to someone on it recently, the static was so bad they couldn't hear me. My dad even said once this week, "What's going on with your phone? It sounds like you are under water." Oh no! Not my phone! By yesterday, I knew I had to replace it. It may have been Ryan's voice when I answered my phone yesterday saying, "Shannon, I can't hear you, but if you can hear me, take yourself over to AT&T and get another phone!"

Good News:
I got a new phone, but it isn't my high tech Palm Treo. :( But, at least now, I can use the phone again.

Bad News:
Last night, I grabbed our digital camera to take some pics of Ryan and his cake. Only when I took the camera out of the case, I knew there was a problem. The lens was out. This camera automatically closes the lens within it when you turn it off. I tried to turn it on and off, but it was clear that the lens was stuck. Oh no! Not the camera! We just bought this camera earlier this year! I use that camera several times each week! I use it for this very blog!

I resorted to the new phone to snap some shots of Ryan's birthday! Clearly, these pics are no where as good as my Sony digital camera! Ahhhhh! I'd yell for Calgon to take me away if I wasn't so allergic to the stuff!

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