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Ay Yi Pie in the Sky

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:14pm

We're here, but Georgia's already been to the ER!


She's got a bad virus and we spent a good portion of our day yesterday (which started at 4am) dealing with unpleasantness which does not need to be named. Today we are battling the fever (and 90 zillion gobs of snot) and doing a little pediatlite therapy. She's not a happy girl and if my dad were not visiting for a couple days and helping out, I would be an even less happy mom.

We're here at least. And we got our furniture/stuff on Monday (not that ANY of it is unpacked). Just got internet/phone/cable today. I am not too scared at night (even when my dad is not here), but I am sleeping much better since he IS here. I am EXHAUSTED and have spent much of the time that Georgia is crying and miserable crying and being miserable myself. I wish Alex was here. We miss him. A lot.

But the house is good. And the closing was easy peasy. And it's fun having so much so explore and do (eventually). And beds? Boy are they fun to sleep on after a week on air mattresses!

And my dad mowed the lawn for me! :) And he brought a dining room table and a step ladder and some other goodies. He's also been identifying plants in our yard and helping with some maintenance. He also made it possible for me to run out for some more Tylenol and Motrin and pedialite at the shopping plaza (which is 3 minutes from our house as opposed to 30+ minutes as it's been for the last 3 years of my life!)

This isn't the post I was hoping to write after my absence. But once Georgia is feeling a little better and I have had a modicum of sleep I will update better/more.

One cool thing though? We have morning doves outside our kitchen window and they have a nest in an old planter with a little egg.

And cardinals. And flowers. And a park with tennis courts (Kathie...bring your racket!). And neighbors who smile and introduce themselves and talk with you.

So. Sick? Exhausted? Living out of boxes? I can still see the silver lining.

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