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Attention Span/Concentration

Posted Sep 13 2009 10:11pm

Vince has a really short attention span and can not concentrate for a very long time. I know I was wild as child, but talking  many (not all) other DS parents this seems to be a kind of common trait, and that is one of the biggest reasons why Vince has ergo therapy. Vince can usually concentrate on an activity anywhere from a few seconds to a max of I would guess 10 to 15 minutes. So activities that he can actually enjoy for any period of time can be hard to find. He is fine if he is running around in the park, or he can play with his animals/cars/Little People figurines for quite some time. Up to 30 minutes even, but painting, reading, etc he gets bored with fast and takes off. He can watch ALL of Toy Story and he can watch Shaun the Sheep for about 50 min (the length of the DVD). And he usually stays for his movies that are about 30 min on average. This morning he danced in front of his mirror for almost 30 minutes when we had one of his CDs on. So it is definitely improving.

I bought him a coloring book with farm animals last week and he loved it. So that is one thing we have been doing that he actually stays at for up to 20 minutes. He is even pretty good about coloring within the lines.
Yesterday I bought a fishing game for him. That was also a success. You angle the fish with a little magnetic angler. He really liked it. I felt kind of creative for getting him this game that gets him to concentrate and work on fine motor skills.

And please, any ideas on activities that keep your kids focused or gets their attention, let me know!

Fishing (he does have underwear on, this was right after nap)

Putting the fish back in the fish tank

Giving a sea turtle a kiss

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