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Ashes to Ashes... #ashtag

Posted Apr 09 2010 2:10pm
Well, not the cleverest title but oh well.

I need to begin this post with a prayer request. My friends from Reece's Rainbow, Shelley and Leah and newly adopted Kullen are stranded with not much hope for a way home in Bulgaria. They should be fine until Wednesday as far as their resources go but then it could become difficult. If you can PLEASE PRAY for them to be able to get home and that their money will last as long as they need it to that would be wonderful.

Also, if you are adopting and have travel plans in the upcoming week, Shelley has posted this about travel .

I have to say, in London we haven't had any noticeable sign of the ash cloud apparently looming above us until today. Well, at least it seems a bit overcast today and perhaps a little 'smoggy' looking. But I'm not sure if that is just that it is overcast and we're blaming it on the ash cloud or perhaps it would just have been an overcast day today. It is NOTHING like this BBC video shows of how it looks in Iceland

I don't think it will be getting anything like that but we've been told it could become an issue for people with respiratory difficulties and to stay indoors if that is the case.

The British Navy is going to be drafted to aid stranded travellers in the UK, not sure if the US or other countries are considering similar solutions.

The airlines are saying this delay is not sustainable... and Gordon Brown has announced that it is the worst thing to hit the airline industry in years. Makes me wonder if this isn't the 'enemy from the north' the Bible mentions in the last days lol...

(If you tweet and such for Leah and Shelley, use the #ashtag hashtag in your tweet. The news agencies worldwide are using that. It will hopefully get some notice of someone that can help them)

Well, on with the day...
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