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Appreciating Our Favorite Teacher

Posted May 03 2010 8:10pm

A few years back, when we moved 2 cities over, I was trying to pull a fast one on the school system by not changing Gabi's school. I kept her at the same daycare and was going to have the bus continue to pick her up and drop her off at the daycare like they always did. After all her school had a great reputation for it's special needs classes and I heard horrible things about the schools where we had moved to. Well, I made the mistake of including Gabi's teacher at the time in our plans. I didn't think it would be an issue. After all, she cared just as much for Gabi as we did, right? Wrong! She threw us to the wolves as far as I was concerned. After all, SHE was the one who said all of those bad things about the schools in the city we moved to. I got a call while I was at work from the principal that we either had to pay an incredibly ridiculous tuition to keep Gabi in this "public school" or she could not continue there. I was pregnant with Preston and raging with hormones. I spent the entire day crying my eyes out because I was hurt that her teacher didn't care and that God could allow this to happen. I just knew I was being punished and/or being taught a lesson for lying about our address. I couldn't afford the very expensive "public school" tuition they were requiring and requiring in 2 weeks from then nor did I want her to have to go back to the teacher who pretended to care. I was heartbroken. Anyhow, one of the other nurses I worked with that day had a sister who worked in the schools in the city we moved to (and worked with kids with special needs) and she got her on the phone with me. She helped me to find out which school would be best for Gabi and guided me through the process of how to get her in this school. I spent our entry meeting to the new school system in tears because I was sure my daughter was destined to be doomed and there was nothing I could do about it. During Gabi's 1st day, I met her new teacher and became more comfortable with where she was heading. Within weeks, I was thanking God for this switch! Gabi was doing wonderfully and her new teacher REALLY did care! It was different (in a good way). God had blessed me tremendously (not because I lied). I did however learn a lesson in the process. So it is possible that He is teaching me this lesson and going to give us blessings in the process.

Gabi has had this teacher every year since we moved here and will continue to have her until Gabi enters middle school. Gabi has made huge progress each and every year under her care. Thank you Ms. Elise for loving my daughter and providing her with a nurturing and caring environment to learn. I appreciate your time that you devote to her in and outside of the classroom. You are not only Gabi's teacher, but we also consider you our friend and extended family. Thank you.

Ms. Elise and Gabi during our 2009 Capabilities Walk and Talent Show .

Thank you also to the classroom aides. We love and appreciate you just as much!

Lord help us all when it's time to move Gabi to middle school. I'll be a quivering bundle of nerves. Ms. Elise, sure you don't want to try out middle school for a few years?

Have a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Day!
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