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And He's Off!

Posted Oct 02 2010 12:00am

This footage is from this afternoon, but Finn did his first real walking last night. Over the last month or so, he would occasionally take two unassisted steps when moving between furniture, but real, honest to goodness walking? I swear I've lately been feeling the beginning of a faint despair, wondering why he hasn't really walked yet. Watching him tear around the house behind his push toy, and even stand unassisted in front of a mirror and clap and dance with his reflection, I kept thinking, "He could walk if he wanted to, he just hasn't figured out yet that he can. When's he going to figure it out?" And as with most things with Finn, just when I'm getting to the point of feeling really concerned and sad, he takes a giant leap. Time after time he shows me that he'll do things when he's ready, and not a moment sooner.

So I just happened to walk into the living room last night and lo and behold, there was Finn, holding a ball in one hand and toddling across the floor. I swear, I thought for a split second that I was hallucinating. Seeing him traveling upright like that was a little like walking into the room and seeing your cat walking upright - it was that unexpected and alien a sight.

And since then, he's been toddling all over the place - there's no stopping him now! It's so funny, it's like he's been doing it forever.

How sweet it is, the payoff after all the waiting. Every achievement is so hard-won with him, and all the more precious because of it.
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