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An Eye Sty

Posted Mar 05 2009 3:51pm
I woke up before my alarm went off at 5:15 this morning. I am programmed to wake up this early on a daily basis due to Aiden whining for his bottle. But Aiden decided to sleep in this morning and I got to take a shower in relatively quiet peace. Aiden was screaming for his bottle when I got out of the shower and was ready to get up for the day. Which is fine, because we had to leave the house before anyone else even thought about waking up.

The trip to the Dr. Eye's office was relatively quiet also. But as I have mentioned in a previous post, the idiots are allowed to drive on Thursday. I counted 6 accidents this morning. One of which, was not good.

We got to the office a little early, but that was okay. We were the only ones in the waiting room and Aiden got to tear up the Lego/Duplo blocks. And since we were the only ones there, besides the nurse, Aiden was all over the place. Then we went back to the exam room where the nurse did the pre-exam exam. She told me about her nephew who is 23 and has Down syndrome. He has a girlfriend.

Then Dr. Eyes came in. And we briefly talked about the upcoming heart surgery. He said that he has met the new Dr. Pediatric Cardio-thoracic surgeon and really liked him.

Dr. Eyes has determined Aiden's ailment to be a non-contagious sty and deemed him eligible to return to school on the last day before Spring Break.
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