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An End to Another Year

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:27pm

And we are starting off on the wrong foot.

Aiden is sick today. He was running a fever last night and this morning, the vomiting began. I had to run to Wal-Mart as he was nearly out of diapers, Willy the Chinchilly ate his water bottle (why does Wal-Mart sell every type of critter food besides chinchilla food?), I was out of Pepsi, needed to get Fritos and bean dip (New Year's tradition) and black eyed peas, detergent to clean the puked on sheets. Oh yeah, and my nails desperately NEED filled. Aiden did great until he saw the bottle of pepsi come out of the cooler. Then the tantrum began because he wasn't getting any.

Aiden fell asleep in his recliner carseat on the way to the pet store to get Willy's food. I thought I would be able to make that trip with relative ease. NOPE! As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, said little boy was awake and clinging to me for dear life. He whined all the way back home and has refused to nap today. He is, however, happy to have the dreaded Pedialyte.

Therapy is canceled today.

Yesterday, the Christmas tree came down. Total count of ornaments killed by Aiden - 3. Aiden had managed to hide two more under and behind the tree. Knowing his pitching ability, I can take a guess how he got them back there.

Monday, we had an appointment with Dr. Quack Developmental Pediatrician. Aiden threw everything at him. We talked about Aiden being on Pediasure and how WIC thinks that Aiden should be on table foods only. Well, granted he should, but he isn't. Dr. Pediatrician and Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist are fighting with WIC to keep Aiden on Pediasure. However, Dr. Quack thinks he is Superman and WIC won't fight with him. He filled out a Pediasure prescription for 6 months. Since Aiden does not have a mickey button, WIC will only do 2 months.

I also had to call Dr. Pediatrician's office to get all of Aiden's referrals renewed for 2009. That should keep the referral lady busy for a day.

Aiden has decided that butt scooting through the house is the new way to travel. He doesn't want to army crawl anymore. Oh, and he doesn't want to be carried from room to room anymore. Unfortunately, he will only take 5 supported steps at a time.

Aiden has also decided that the Little People NASCAR track is fun. Chris turned it on and made the cars wreck causing the people to fly out of the cars and spin around the track. Yes, he is a boy....

Oh, and how do you officially take too many pictures/videos of your kid?

That is my video camera bag on Aiden's shoulder. He took it from underneath my desk and wrapped it around his shoulders. He then decided to take it into the living room to play with the camera.

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