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An Emotional Speech

Posted Sep 09 2008 5:01am
Sometimes I get emotional when I think about what Jaden means to me. It's so profound trying to explain to other's as I often spend time doing, just how enormously special he is to me. Of course all of our children are precious to us. It's just that my love for Jaden is different. It's a love I want to explain to everyone I meet and to whomever meets him. If I have to break down stereotypes every single day for the rest of my life, I'm up for the task. Hearing Sarah Palin's speech a few nights ago, I was brought to tears. Not because she has a son with Down Syndrome. But because finally, someone on a National Platform could ever so slightly touch on the subject for a second of Down Syndrome and Special Needs. This is a community that needs a large voice and never has there been a greater need. So, thank you Sarah Palin for being that voice and for telling the world what we already know, that your son is "perfect" and that you are grateful to have him. I thank God every day for giving me Jaden just the way he is. For letting me learn, in this life time, lessons I never dreamed I needed to learn. Thank you God, for Jaden. I tell people every day, that Jaden is perfection personified. Just as we all are.

Yesterday, picking up Jaden and Lyla from school, Lyla said, "Mom, some of the girls were telling me that a few kids were making fun of Jaden."
I said, "Lyla, if you ever hear anyone making fun of Jaden, tell them one thing, he's no more different than they are. Everybody has something that makes them different, it's just some things are easier for some people to hide. But everyone has something different, everyone! Remember, God is fair and equal when handing out differences." She said, ok, I'll say that. :)
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