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Aiden's First Dental Appointment

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:29pm

Once we found the office complex, we had a pretty good visit. Aiden sat in the chair just like a big boy would. And Dr. Pediatric Dentist stuck his finger in Aiden's mouth; Aiden didn't fight at all. (It's probably a good thing Aiden is used to getting my finger stuck in his mouth for his gum brushings).

The good news is Aiden does have teeth. The bad thing is, like everything else associated with Down syndrome, his teeth are delayed. Dr. Pediatric Dentist said that children with T21 generally pop one or two through starting at 18 months. Legally Aiden is 18.5 months, but technically he is only 17 months when you factor in the prematurity. So, hopefully in the next month or so we'll have toofers.

And as soon as Aiden gets those first teeth, he gets to go back in for regularly scheduled visits. But until then, we just keep Aiden on his routine "healthy dental (by that I mean gum) brushings, to establish good oral hygiene."

And while we were on the way to the dentist, Dr. Developmental Pediatrician's office called to schedule that appointment. 4 months from now, in July, Aiden has an appointment with him.

Her: "I see Aiden has a lot of (long pause). Aiden really has a lot of (long pause)."
Me: "Issues?"
Her: "I'm glad you knew where I was trying to go with that."
Me: "Aiden has so many issues that we don't call them issues. Aiden has subscriptions." (Issues would mean that we have select things. Nope, Aiden has them all. And they aren't going away. Therefore, Aiden has a lifetime subscription.)
Her: "That is a good way to look at it."

It was kind of funny when I talked to the scheduling person. She was trying to be "PC" about Aiden. I guess she didn't want to offend me. It really is kind of hard to offend me. I, for one, know firsthand what Aiden's issues are. I have been dealing with them for quite some time now. Like, um, since before he was born.

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