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Aiden, Ducks and Worms, Oh My!

Posted Apr 25 2009 12:30am
The temperatures here have been in the mid 80s all week. Aiden has been having sinus issues, so he has been staying inside.

Today, I made Chris go buy a new lawn mower, because our yard maintenance people aren't mowing yards anymore. Aiden had a massive meltdown that lasted an hour. When we got home, Aiden took his nap - induced by Tylenol due to the busted lip he gave himself.

When Aiden woke up, I made suggested Chris clean out the duck taxi, so he took the ducks and Aiden outside. On the sidewalk was a monster worm that had taken refuge on the sidewalk since I'm sure the vibration of the earthquake lawn mower scared the jeepers out of it. Chris was like, "Hey, bring that worm over here!" Um, NO!! I don't touch worms, never have, never will. This is a problem with having boys. They are fascinated with gross, slimy, squiggly creatures.

I took well over the allotted amount of pictures for one slide show... but the final 88 made the cut. (If we're friends on Facebook, you know the estimation of amount of pictures I take in a month. Isn't digital great?!)

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