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Ah, The Small Things in Life That Make One Happy.......

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:41pm

Guess what we got today?

A NEW oxygen concentrator!! The old one was seriously driving us nuts. It was vibrating and rattling so much that the pictures on the wall were going crooked.

Rhett could lay on the floor and go " Aaaaahhhhhhh " and his voice would rattle. I can't believe how quite our house is now. The TV isn't up really loud just to drown out the sound of the concentrator, and I can actually sit in my chair and talk on the phone without having to move away from it.

Gosh, you would think it's Christmas!!

We also had someone come out and measure Rhett for his adaptive stroller. We are getting the transit model so that he can use it when he goes to Pre-School in the fall. ( Did I really just say he is going to Pre-School?!?!?) So all we are waiting for now is our Dr. to sign the order for it, then we wait for the insurance to approve it. ( Keep your fingers crossed!!!) We chose the bright orange color because Rhett likes flashy things.

Now for another "Here's Your Sign" moment from this last hospital stay. These are EAR DROPS , that were filled in the hospital pharmacy. What is wrong with this picture?

Seriously, I can't go to that place with out them making some kind of stupid mistake, either really big, or small like this.

Now, I will leave you tonight with some pictures of Rhett that I took last night. He is looking much better, and is back up to 30 lbs!! 2 more lbs and we will be back at where he was before he got sick. Hooray!!

Just chillin in my chair gettin some grub.......

"And this is how you eat a fishy cracker......"


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