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A Wish......

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:08pm
I have this primitive star pillow on my has little rusty bells and stitched in the middle is the word 'Believe'

Emma Sage loves this pillow....she has since she was a baby.

Tonight, after we walked home from my in-laws [I still can't believe my father-in-law has passed on] Emma Sage came in and sat on the couch and waited for me to tidy up before we headed upstairs to tackle her latest collection of books from the library [two huge bags full today].

I'm in the bathroom and hear her chatting away...first singing a song from the Jona's brothers. Then she is jingling the star pillow and I hear her say

"Star-light, star-bright...first star I see tonight...I wish I may, I wish I might, make a wish tonight"

then she proceeds to say......"Ummmmmm....let me think"

Then she goes "I wish I had hair like Hannah Montana.......pants like Hannah like Hannah Montana...Thank you!!!"

I started cracking up.

Little does she know, I can take her to Targets or Walmart and her little wish could be full-filled 10xs over...she could even get Hannah Montana undies!!!!!!

This child just fills my heart with such joy.
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