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A Weekend Get-a-Way

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:28pm

This weekend was Chris's family reunion (on his dad's side). My responsibilities began Friday around 1pm, shortly after Aiden's nap. Chris asked me to take the gold Jeep ( HIS never-driven, low mileage, "No one, but me, drives this Jeep" Jeep) to Wal-Mart to get the air pressure in the tires checked. Takes 5 minutes....... Since I had to make a trip to Walgreens to get Aiden's compounded medications, sure why not?

I'll tell you why not... I get to Wal-Mart. Walk into the automotive dept. Wait in line to talk to the service person. Tell service person I need the air pressure checked. Get informed to just drive up to an open bay, tell the mechanic on duty to check the tire pressure. (Wrench in my gears #1; I figured let them check the air pressure while I ran to the pharmacy to get Aiden's Miralax.) Go to pharmacy, buy the Miralax, head back to automotive, load Aiden up in the Jeep, pull up to open bay - wrong bay- get air pressure checked. Right front tire has microscopic nail in tire, call Chris, get okay to get tire fixed, park Jeep, unload Aiden, walk back into automotive dept, fill out service request form, get buggy for Aiden and head off to the toys dept to figure out what to get Aiden for birthday.

Wrench in my gears #2: Since Chris does not drive HIS Jeep, the hole from the nail can not be fixed, due to tire rot. Good night, everyone knows that you actually have to rotate the air in the tires drive a vehicle to keep the tires from going bad. EVERYONE except Chris. So, now they are going to put the spare on the Jeep. I call Chris and tell him. He is going to meet me at Wal-Mart. Well, it turns out that all the tires have to be replaced, even though the ones that were on the Jeep were NEW!!! A simple 5 minute errand turned into 3 HOURS!!!!

No, I didn't make the errand to Walgreens as planned when planned, Aiden wanted a bottle and we had to come home. So, when Chris got home and Aiden was in bed, I made the 30 minute drive to Tulsa to go to Walgreens (at 9:00 pm), to get Aiden's meds. Thinking it's 9pm, I'll take the drive through. Everyone else had the same thought apparently. And the little tube line doesn't work for me... Aiden's medicine bottles are too big to fit in the tube, so I have to get in the long line.

I get my chance up at the little window. I tell the girl Aiden's name, date of birth, that the 2 medications were compounded AND that they were kept cold in the refridgerator. She looks the information up on the computer (which I know that the computer says "COMPOUND" because Aiden's godmother, J, works at that same Walgreens pharmacy). She spent more than 5 minutes looking in the dry bins, meanwhile I am pressing the little call button and waving my arms out of my window trying to get her attention. She comes back to the little window and says she can't find them. Well, DUH! I repeat that they are kept cold in the refridgerator. And she looks at me and the light comes on. "OH!! That is what you said in the first place, isn't it?"

We left Saturday around noon and made the 3 hour trip to Parsons, KS. And Chris likes to take the scenic route. Don't ask, I don't know why.

Chris's preferred method of getting to Parsons is through every small town between here and there. And I do mean every small town. The kind of towns that have flea markets, that in my opinion actually sell fleas junk. Seriously, why would anyone want a rusty bucket? The kind of small towns that boast "Catfish Capital". Mayberry, RFD type of towns. Me, I prefer to get on the interstates or the turnpikes. Quick, easy and I avoid all the speed traps and Amish buggies and farm equipment that take up both sides of a two-laned highway. Yeah, those types of small towns.

Aiden, who is in the nasty habit of waking up at the butt crack of dawn, managed to do so Saturday morning. And, oh yes, the Disney channel had best be on by the time he makes it into the living room and parks himself in front of the television expecting a bottle and his Kix. I guess Aiden is the only one who took Chris seriously when he said that he wanted to leave early, because Chelsea spent most of the night on the phone talking to the flavour of the week Calvin.

On the way to Parsons, we stop in Adair OK, home of the Adair Surplus Market. (This is a high end flea market. I actually like this store. They sell grandfather clocks and real furniture (translation = NEW). HUGE bags of pretzels for $1. However, Chelsea, by this time, is hungry. Adair OK has not one single restaurant in it. Therefore, we must stop at a convenience store for deep fried everything. Aiden gets the customary potato wedge, which he on cue promptly throws up not even two miles down the road. We now must pull over, clean Aiden up, change shirts, place soiled shirt in bag, buckle Aiden back into his recliner carseat, and take off again.

Thinking Aiden would sleep on the way, I take my iPod. I mean the kid can fall asleep going to Wal-Mart, why would he not take his nap on a 3 hour trip, right? WRONG!!! Aiden stays awake the entire time until we reach the Parsons KS city limits, 5 minutes from Grammy A's house. Seriously. He is asleep long enough to be bitchy crabby the minute Chelsea unhooks the recliner's carseat's 5 point harness. And Aiden refuses to fall back asleep until long after 10pm.

About 15 - 20 minutes after we get there, Chris's dad, D, and stepmom, S, arrive from Guymon OK (mapquest that one). Chris hasn't seen them in 2 years. S has been undergoing chemo for cancer; she is a breast cancer survivor only this time it came back with a vengence.

Normally, Chris and I would take the spare room with the big bed. But since D and S were also staying, Grammy A gave us her room and she slept on the sofa, where she has been sleeping anyhow. And I know why... sleeping on her bed is like sleeping on a pallet of bricks. And she likes flat, I mean paper flat, pillows. Both Chris and I woke up hurting and made plans to go buy her new pillows before the days activities.

Sunday, I had plans to go to Baxter Springs KS to see my second oldest friend, L and her family. Aiden decides to take a nap at 9 am... Nixed those plans and went with Chris to his Aunt J and Uncle J's house to help Uncle J bbq 9 full racks of baby back ribs (for those pictures, come back for Wordless Wednesday ). I had packed the digital and the video camera for blackmail memories. Who knows when Aiden is going to decide to reach a milestone.... right?

Aunt J and Uncle J live on 40 acres with a pond. They have a yellow lab, Bert. Bert is 14 years old and could care less about being social, but he will come out to your vehicle to piss on the tires sniff you. Then he returns to the barn. And you probably won't see him again. Three of their granchildren were out at the farm. The oldest, Kramer, spent his day alternating between the lawn mower and the dirt bike. The two younger grandkids, KyLee and Keaton, played with Aiden keeping him busy. Until they discovered Aunt J watching video of Aiden on the video camera. Then they wanted to play with it.

First, I let Keaton have 10 minutes (the time left on the battery) to record. Then KyLee wanted to record. After I charged up the battery, I gave her the camera and the remaining time on the disc. That video will be uploaded as soon as I watch it and edit for time content.

Then the rest of the family shows up. Cousins T and D, with their kids T and N. Then Aunt K and Uncle S, their daughter M and her son, 3 year old, G. Aiden, being up at the crack of dawn again, finally settled down enough to take a nap. It only took 3 people 2 hours to manage that feat. And it was time to eat. Quickly, I fixed my plate hoping for enough time to get most of it eaten before the kids woke Aiden up and my eating pleasure was non-existent. (I couldn't begin to tell you the last time I finished a meal that wasn't from a drive through.) I was half way through when the crying began. Chris, got up from eating to retrieve Aiden so that I could finish eating.

Aunt J offered to send with us some pillows for a better night sleep. Thank God for Aunt J and her feather pillows. I miss feather pillows; I need to go buy some.

Today, Aiden is up again before everyone else. We turn on the Disney channel and Aiden goes over to his Chairrie for his morning Kix fix and the Little Einsteins.

Slowly, everyone else wakes up and Grammy A fixes Aiden a sausage patty and scrambled egg. Kramer, KyLee, and Keaton came over at 8:30 and Keaton beelined it over to Aiden's toys. He started with Aiden's elephant (in the previous video post). Aiden did not like this idea. He went straight over to Keaton and took his elephant back. Then Keaton went over to the Jumperoo and was checking it out and all that it did. Aiden then decided that he wanted to jump. He kept giving Keaton the evil eye.

We left Parsons at 10:30 and Chris once again takes the scenic route back home. We drove through Oswego, KS. I kept wondering why there were cars just stopped in what would normally be a turning lane. Chris informed me that the center median was parking spots. Now why would anyone WANT to park their cars in the middle of the road when there were perfectly good, and empty, spots in front of businesses?

We got back into OK and stopped in Big Cabin (speed trap) to take a potty break. Now the only store in Big Cabin is a "truck plaza". Ewwww......

Then we stopped back in Adair for another potty break and Chris wanted to go to the Surplus store, which isn't open on weekdays.

Then we stopped in Chouteau (pronounced Sho toe), Amish territory. There, they have a store called Jeans N' Things (cheap name brand clothes). Chris bought a leather motorcycle jacket for him and a matching one for Aiden, though it will be next year (at least) before Aiden can wear it. Aiden also got an OU beanie bear (he doesn't have one), an OU frisbee, and an OU mini football. Chris also got us all matching NASCAR t-shirts (why I don't know), Tommy Hilfilger socks (sale price $6.95), I got a pair of lounge pants, Chelsea got 2 t-shirts and a pair of shorts.

Then we went across the street to the Amish Cheese House and Bakery. There we got blackberry jam, cinnamon apple chips, and some caramel pecan cinnamon rolls. They also sell Amish quilts; which I will one day own one. Chris nearly bought the $150 one, but it was a baby quilt. The full size quilt was $900 and I tried telling Chris that was a really good price, considering the quilt I fell in love with sold for $1500. But I will own an Amish quilt sometime before I die.

Then we crossed a side street to go to the Amish restaurant. Aiden acted like he had not eaten a single thing all day long and had his hands in every plate that was within his line of vision. When it comes to eating, he has a one track mind. He ate sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and blackberry cobbler.

Aiden fell asleep half way between Chouteau and home. By the time that we unloaded the Jeep, Aiden was awake and ready to play. I just laid him down in his crib, so we'll see how well he sleeps.

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