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A time of sweet sadness....

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:15pm
I write this knowing that while I always hold high expectations of my daughter [of all my children] and believe that anything is possible if they want it and work for it, there are somethings that even if we dream them, want them, work hard for them........they may never come true.

So here is a moment of sweet sadness....

This morning Emma Sage and I were getting up to start our day. We headed for the bathroom and because she had on footy-pajama's she had to unsnap them and take them off from the shoulders to the waist to go potty. As she undressed herself, Emma Sage pointed to her nipples and said 'I have little boobies' and I responded, "Yes, you do"

Then she says: "I nurse when I bigger......[and then pointing to herself] I nurse my baby".....

at which I just smiled and said "Yes, you can nurse your baby" and little Miss got the biggest smile and then pointed to me and said "You nurse all your babies" to which I smiled and said "Yes, I nursed all my babies and you were my last baby to nurse"

Then she reaches over to me and gives me a big, huge hug and says "I love you".

I hugged her back.....thinking of how precious this little girl is, how blessed I have been to nurse all four of my babies and then the thought that made this moment such 'sweet sadness'.....

I don't know if Emma Sage will ever be able to have that baby she so wants to nurse. But I realized that all I could do is 'sigh' and capture this moment for exactly what it was and know that 'Anything is possible' and leave it at that!
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