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A sick child, and a surgery in the family

Posted Jun 08 2010 12:00am
O.k. before I continue Saira is not having surgery but we have been back home after our holiday now over a week and I have a sick little girl on my hands, and there I had been praising and showing off to everyone about how well Saira has been over the holiday, well that shows me not too brag about her health, I can brag about anything else but I should learn to just leave her health alone.

Last Wednesday the fever started and she had a high fever till Saturday, along with the fever she was totally congested, runny nose, runny eyes, no energy, which I don't blame her for not having. Saturday the fever was gone only to come back yesterday and her nose is now running like a tap, it's terrible seeing her this way, her nose is all red from the rubbing, she will barely allow us to go close to her face, won't let us brush her hair, so in all she's looking quite a mess, but it's fine with me, I guess she's feeling bad enough without us fiddling around with her anymore than necessary. I guess the cold is going to take it's own sweet time to go, yesterday I started her on homoeopathy, that usually helps just have to wait and watch now. We are also in for our 6 month check up, blood, thyroid, eyes, ears, so lots of exciting things still ahead for us, just need her to get well first. Will also be posting a little more about our holiday, and some of the things we did with the kids. Vir had a blast and was rather sad to leave his cousins and come back home. But they will be coming here soon, so he has something to look forward to as well.

O.k. these aren't the best pictures but I just couldn't get my girl to pose, and I didn't want to leave without any pictures either, so these will have to do till she's back to her usual self.

I have also been a little preoccupied as my mom is going in for a heart surgery this Friday, the surgery is on Monday, but she goes to the hospital on Friday and gets all kinds of tests done before. She is having a partial replacement of her aeorta with a probable valve replacement, they will take the call on the valve once they open her up and see the condition. I am really worried but I also know that with Gods grace all will be well. If you remember please keep her in your prayers that her surgery on Monday goes really well without any set-backs. She is 70, always been a very fit and active person and we need her to get back on her feet and back to her old life as soon as possible. Thanks everyone
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