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a rainy day and a wee laptop

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:03pm
So, it's been the rainiest summer on record here, just about everyday getting at least one downpour. Old cottages require a few warm and breezy days to dry out after significant rainstorms and we have yet to get more than two of those in a row. Mark is here now and, along with Mark comes his laptop. Aha, a connection to the outer world that no one can blame me for checking out during, yet another, rainy day. I just have to hope any storm activity stays away so I don't have to do a quick unplug. This little laptop, like others I presume, doesn't have a mouse, but a little button that takes some getting used to and right now I'm not very proficient and getting my thoughts down is more aerobic than what should be normal. I am also challenged by button location, but that is probably something wrong with me. More savvy bloggers will be rolling their eyes at me. If you politely overlook grammer and punctuation and spacing errors we will both be the happier for it.

Getting a signal out here involves a sort of antennae that protrudes just to the right of my hands and it's tiny flashing green light has let me do a little visiting around the bloggy world. It turns out that there is much news. I have been the recipient of an award, presented by Karen at the Bryant Family News ! Isn't that ironic when things are basically at a standstill on here! Thank you Karen and I will post the award with links when I get back to my regular computer as I cannot save anything on this computer, like the image. Also, I have been asked to be a contributing "health blogger" on the topic of DS at WELLSPERE and I will post more information and appropriate links, again, when I return in just under two weeks.

A quick visit to a few blogs out there show good things are happening, like passed tests and first cup drinking and dancing kiddos, fishing and swimming (just like us!), trips (one that included a scary car crash...but everyone was OK). It looks like the dog days of summer are a happy time (with the exception of the crash) for the families I have had the chance to check in on...and that makes my summer happier too :)

The rumble of thunder is sending this post to immediate publication....take care everyone!
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