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A post so that the last post isn't the first one a.k.a One foot in front of the other

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:48pm

Georgia fell hard and fast asleep again within minutes of leaving Music Together. We had a re-scheduled PT appointment this morning beforehand, so she was worked out before her work out. In fact, Georgia was SO tired after PT we almost DIDN'T go to music as she was falling asleep in the 30 minutes between things while I fed her her bottle. But I figured I'd leave tomorrow open rather than going to the make-up music class and if I got Georgia to go today I'd have a fair chunk of time to do things while she napped once we got home. I am glad it worked out that way. Not that I've gotten a thing done.

G perked up the minute we got there. She woo-oooed and patted her legs and tapped some sticks together and shook a tamborine. She was visited time and again by a little boy named Colm who patted her face and Georgia (who typically doesn't give much of a hoot about other babies) even patted him on the head back one time. It got me thinking about just what she might be missing out on by not being around other kids regularly. She also did NOT want to sit in my lap during class, preferring to sit on her own on the floor. Is this the equivalent of her asking me to drop her off a block away from school so the kids don't know I am her mother?

Also. I think I've thrown out my back, but I don't know how. OK, I'd probably REALLY know it if I officially threw it out, but I am in a fair amount of pain. Argh.

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