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A post in which I describe in detail a dream despite the fact that it's no fun listening to someone else's dream. So shoot me.

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:43pm

I've taken to sleeping with earplugs in again. I had to do that last time I was pregnant too. My husband has a tendency for...well, let's just say he makes a lot of noise in his sleep (often talking about "solving for x" as mathematicians do). Coupled with my restless, uncomfortable, pregnant...-ness...well, it just does everybody a lot of good if I can't hear what's going on.

It's also kind of nice because when he gets up to go to work in the morning I don't even hear him turning on the shower or jangling keys and getting dressed. One problem of wearing earplugs is that occasionally throughout the night I can hear my heartbeat in my ears and I inevitably think it's someone walking up the stairs and that's kinda' freaky. The other problem is that I don't wake up that little bit when he does like I would if my ears weren't plugged. I've asked him to wake me right before he goes so I make sure to take the earplugs out or else I wouldn't hear it when Georgia wakes up or, probably not even if the house were on fire. He says goodbye to me every morning and when I am a little bit awake it's not so startling. With earplugs in? Well...I am hoping it will at least break my water.

This morning I was deep in the midst of a dream wherein Alex and I were at some person's house. Very lavish and eccentric. Lots of colorful fabric and pillows and comfortable couches. I had noticed when I went in search of the bathroom that there were even two tiger cubs--well, more like tiger teenagers because they weren't full grown, but they certainly weren't TEENY either--lounging on one of the couches in the room next to wear Alex and I were sprawled on a big couch watching a movie. For what it's worth, I think we were house-sitting. Anyhow, after using the bathroom in the dream, I walked back to the couch and said to Alex, "Did you know there are tigers?" I don't think he either took me seriously or knew that I meant, like, real, live, breathing, teeth-y tigers.

I took his calmness to mean "Meh. They're tame." And I sat back on the couch ready to snuggle in for more movie watching.

That's when one of the tigers came around the corner and creeped up onto the couch with us. The look on Alex's face told me he decidedly DIDN'T realize I meant "Yeah, Totally LIVE Tigers!"

I was trying to just be calm, cool, and collected. I figured the tiger wasn't acting all tiger-crazy so I'd just let it snuggle up with us and then sloooooowly get the heck outta' there.

That's when the OTHER tiger creeped in.

There was considerably less room on the couch when he climbed up on there trying to make room for himself and claw-y paws.

My arm, which was sort of draped over the back of the couch felt rather exposed and I slowly started dragging it back towards myself when I felt the huge muzzle of the tiger wrap around my wrist, not unlike what it felt like when Iggy (or ol' beloved pup) would take my hand in his mouth and rassle, only...I somehow knew this wasn't going to be pretty and I didn't dare "play" with this animal.

I was starting to feel panicked when I realized I couldn't get my hand out of his mouth. That's when I had a flashback (yes, a flashback within a dream) to a time when I was apparently walking down a lane in a zoo pushing a baby in a stroller. The zoo was not unlike the zoo we visited last Christmas in Ireland. Perched up on a tree branch was a tiger ready to lunge down on me and the baby. I knew I was going to be mauled, and worse? The baby too.

That's when, Alex shook my arm to wake me up and scared the ever-loving %$&# out of me.

Sadly, it didn't break my water.

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