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A message to all educators and therapists Part 1

Posted Aug 29 2013 10:29pm
Sometimes when I
hear you talking about
one of our girls
it seems like you thinkthey need to befixed.Or normalized. Whatever that means.
I wonder what youthink when you lookat our girls.I wonder if we'reeven close to beingon the same pagewhen it comes to them. 
You see...When I look at our girls I don't see little projectsthat need to be fixed.Or normalized.

 I see two littlegirls who are happy,whole,strongand determined.

That's how I see them.That's how I wish youwould see them.
Let's work togetherto help our girlsbe the absolutebest they can be.
Please stop tryingto "fix" them.
They are not broken.Different?Yes.Less than?Not even close.


One proud mama

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