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A Man's Man

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:17am
My husband is a real man's man. He is very masculine in nature and lives and breathes sports. He likes his boys that way, too. God knew what He was doing when He made all of Ryan's offspring male. Gabi he gained through our marriage. Well, I am a mom who believes that it is also good for boys to be nurturing as well. Jeremy had a Cabbage Patch doll when he was a toddler, and my husband cringes when tell him about it. Preston was so excited this past Christmas when Gabi received some new baby dolls. He just loves to hold them and love on them. It drives Ryan crazy. I keep telling him, "It teaches him to be nurturing... unlike you!" He usually responds by rolling his eyes at me or giving me a glare.

Well, Thursday I brought Preston home a Happy Meal from McDonald's since I was out and about with Gabi all day. As soon as I opened it up, I realized that Preston's toy was a little, pretty, very feminine, FiFi looking poodle complete with a pink collar. My husband was right there. I laughed and said teasingly, "Awww Preston has a little FiFi!" I figured it probably wasn't going to be any big deal anyhow and I guess Ryan was thinking the same thing since Gabi usually takes over all of those toys anyhow. But the very next day, Preston was walking around in the living room, cuddling the little dog and brought it to me saying, "Awwww FiFi!" And all I could think was, "My husband's gonna kill me!"

And I had to laugh at the Urban Dictionary's definition of man's man because it fits my meaning perfectly of Ryan:
1) A successful man that totally rejects the femininization of today's metrosexual male.

2) A man that is macho by default.
A man's man eats meat(and plenty of it), he doesn't get manicures, he shaves when he feels like it, he drinks beer not wine, he absolutely does not know French, he plays dodgeball, he works hard, he is admired for his manliness by other manly men, and most of all, he's very heterosexual.

NOTE: A Man's man is highly sought after by women who want to feminize him through marriage usually with negative results.
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